Friday, February 19, 2016

INTRODUCING THE BEATLES- Original issue discovered unopened

Not actually. That was a different album for the Lads.
What Mike Porco had in his possession was a mono copy of the third issue of the first pressing of INTRODUCING THE BEATLES VJLP 1062.

Since my grandfather passed in 1992, it has sat in his condo in Florida. Now my father babysits the dusty find. Years ago, I found it there and put it back. Then again last year, I decided to ask around about it. After hearing some helpful advice from known and respected Beatlemaniacs, I'm certain that it needs to be put in the professional hands of an appraiser and then sold to one appreciative customer.

I put it on ebay. It's my first listing. If it doesn't sell in 10 days, it will collect more dust.

I put it on the site and then decided that I need to get it in hand FIRST, and then have it inspected.
I will be retrieving the disc myself soon to escort it to experts. I'm bound to go from NYC to FLA grab the LP go to Santa Fe and then to AZ and back to NYC.

I'd like my trip paid for, if you please. Plus, for some odd reason, both my Jeep and my guitar are in the shop. I have some extra time on my hands this week. Please help keep me off ebay.

In the course of time, I will discover it's original nature, it's real value and, hopefully, unload it. Mike isn't using it. I'm not. It needs preservation if it's legit.

I've learned that Sam Goody was known
for selling counterfeits.
Honestly, until it's authenticated, I can't vouch for it 100%.
I'll just keep it for what it is.
But Sam Goody sold real ones, too

There's also THIS

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  1. While the record is certainly way is it worth anywhere near $20, will be collecting more dust.