Sunday, September 11, 2016

CALL TO ARMS- Save FREE SPEECH from the clutches of DHS

We have such an emotional (s)election season. The pundits say that every four years, that there's never been more at stake. 

But let's forget about that for a moment. 

Consider the climate being created for all artists. Writers and singers in particular have, historically, always had a platform to express their opinions. 

However, we live in a time where people, by-and-large, keep tabs and even keep in touch through social networks instead of phone conversation. Folks with mutual interests can comment on a photo or video posted online in real time even though they don't know each other and live thousands of miles away. 

Unbeknownst to some, but undeniably, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have taken it upon themselves to censor, ban and even shut down average citizens from posting "sensitive" material. 

Yet our fabled enemies can continue to use these platforms without being shut down. 

More alarming, however, is the historic precedence that Homeland "Security" shall now consider the 2016 vote as part of their oversight of the Nation's "critical infrastructure."

Sounds a little Nazi-like? Maybe. 
If you trust the process to DHS, I wish you luck. 

But the Primary season has been an eye opener. Stanford University has concluded that POTUS hopeful Sanders was bamboozled.

''First, we show that it is possible to detect irregularities in the 2016 Democratic Primaries by comparing the states that have hard paper evidence of all the placed votes to states that do not have this hard paper evidence. Second, we compare the final results in 2016 to the discrepant exit polls.''

In other words, those who supported him had their votes- their right to have an opinion- thrown out. 

What's next?

What would Phil Ochs say these days? There's no way to know. But I think he's already said it through his songs. Listen to his historical RECORDS and you may find more than one line that fits our situation today. 

Will his opinions soon be censored on YouTube and the Social networks also? Time will tell. The People of today cannot let it happen. 

This is part of the reason I launched THE MIKE PORCO SONG INITIATIVE this past August. 

The main contest mandate is for artists to enter original songs written about or promoting UNITY

Some of you may remember the Occupy movement. Although, I think, it became misguided by directing their angst toward bankers playing the "game," it gave a free pass to the policy makers who set the tables for corruption. The system was gamed and the People were left holding the bag. 

When the People took to the streets to rally and protest, FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY was swiftly reconfigured by the powers that be. 

In other words, the biggest threat to the major players gaming the system was an informed populace. Leaving the comforts of your couch to peacefully assemble and share ideas was monitored and "free speech zones" were enforced. 


Should DHS be allowed to monitor the upcoming election, there's NO TELLING what can happen next. 

Here's James Carville saying that "100 votes here and there" can be switched. 

Oh, that's all?!

Are you one of the "100" programmed by the Diebold machines to be disenfranchised? 

I hope not. 

Full disclosure: I do not vote. 
The candidate I support in 2016 does not exist. I would prefer to hang both of the current choices up in the Town square just to be on the safe side. 

But taking our RIGHT TO AN OPINION....that shall not be taken from my friends, family, fellow Americans and my daughter. 

...and hearts and minds and fingers and voices. 

Write a song worthy to lead a march of like minded People who want their opinions to MATTER. 

I personally do not want DHS or electric, known-to-be-hacked Diebold machines to decide what choices are acceptable to the needs of their Masters. 


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  1. This is very scary my friend. And I love you for all you do and what you posted here. What can we do...??? We aren't safe and doing no wrong...But "others" who hate and want to take away our country and freedom can post what ever they want and not be shut down. WE need to unite somehow...Are loose everything..And more>> Bless you my friend.. Susan Miller