Sunday, April 14, 2013


IZZY YOUNG recently came to NYC to do interviews for my documentary on Mike Porco and Gerde's. Folk City began as an idea in the minds of a stranger named Tom Prendergast and Israel Young. It was called "The Fifth Peg" for the first 5 months of 1960. Izzy is the only man on earth that could tell me the story. And in the end, he taught me a ton more about bricklaying.
I knew he was no schmuck right away, partly cuz he said so
(photo Dave Peller)

A lovely walk with my friends Terri Thal and Izzy. Beautiful people

Laughing one's ass off

Izzy smells a fucking rat

self portrait

Tracey Grisman sketch at brunch

stills from the formal interview

Dave Grisman and Izzy at the Folklore Center's last location on 6th
Izzy not letting Happy go 

Getting the scoop at the scene of the crime, 4th and Mercer

Talking man-to-man
(photo Jack Hirschorn)

Interview with Journalist Frank Beacham
(photo Jack Hirschorn)

Still on 4th and Mercer

(photo Jack Hirschorn)

A still from the video footage
Jane, Happy and the Wizard of Iz

"The Pink Penguin?! What the fuck?"


  1. Doesn't David Grisman go ballistic if you call him Dave ?

  2. Great to see Izzy back in his old stomping grounds, even if they are now occupied by places such as the Pink Penguin! I edited a recent book of his writings, and will be visiting with him in June when he returns to NYC for a concert fundraiser to raise money for an exhibit on folk music at the City Museum of New York next year.

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  4. I met Izzy at an evening with him in a really small funky venue in East London, England. That was in 2012. Izzy is a lovely man. He had some awesome tales to tell of Gerde's Folk City and Greenwich Village back in the early 60's and I really enjoyed listening and chatting to him. Tom Paley played that night too. A truly amazing era brought back to life. Lucky you Bob Porco .... and thanks for this.