Thursday, April 3, 2014

Executive Producer job opening: NO PAY

Executive Producer...

It's the one job where you don't get paid for anything, you get to pay for everything. Who would want that job?

This is my first ever "blog request." I heard somewhere that the internet can be used to reach millions of people. So I'm asking those reading to SHARE THIS blog address/email with a friend who is into the whole 'Washington Square Folk revival' thing. It's a big deal.

Neil Young and Spike Lee can raise millions through online 'Kickstarters' because they are known by millions. 

I have sold concert tickets to 90 different people. I have 300 Facebook friends and enemies, 3,000 views of my film trailer, 700 people on my email list and 68 followers on my blog. 

My dead grandfather has more exposure on Facebook than I do. Yes, I manage his pages but there are still only about 1000 people there who know about POSITIVELY PORCO

Byoncé has 24,000 Twitter followers. I have 28

There have been 2 deep pocketed Angels so far and only one more might get it done. So I appeal to those who KNOW someone else who might be more interested in it. I'd like to reach someone who sees a story that would appeal to a worldwide audience.

Those who already know about Gerde's and it's unbelievable history, may wonder where the project stands. Some assume that it's already done. Not close. But more than a 3rd down the road. Smooth sailing. But it needs a good kick in the pants to get done by January 2015. A small crew completes it. I've been blessed with great interviews and material thus far. There's enough for the whole story here already. 

But it needs more. And it needs a good and proper outfit, once it's done, to parade around to International film festivals. So in a round number sorta way, Positively Porco needs six round numbers, comma in the middle, crooked numbers to the left. Not much, really.

What the film makes at the box office is a mystery. But there will be a 3 disc box set and extras to package with it. Positively Porco will have a shelf life as long as there's an interest in Folk music. That's a long time. There's a small town near Belfast that shouldn't be deprived from seeing this film.

How do I feel about my own project? Read my blog. It's all there. Every individual that ever bought a Bob Dylan record will have more than a curiosity about Gerde's. I'd like to deliver.

But in reality, Bob Dylan was one of hundreds from Gerde's Folk City. Mike Porco was their friend.

... And for the Porco twist, I've just posted my offer to the world wide web! This should only take a matter of HOURS to finance!!

You may say ''blogging'' is an unorthodox way to find an Executive Producer, but e-mail itself was once unorthodox. So was the internet. And the Q-Tip. 

How about an Italian Restaurant filled with Jewish banjo players? Try THAT for unorthodox!


What makes tomorrow a different day for me, you ask?

Yesterday, only folks that I saw in person knew that I was shopping my project for a backer. Now that I've spammed everyone I can think of while lounging on the couch, the phone may ring tomorrow. 

I may come to my senses tomorrow and say "Did I really just pimp my movie last night?!" The answer is yes.

So please give my email to that special someone who may want to be on the board of Positively Porco. I would never know if I don't ask. Please and thank you. 


Don't forget….

The MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK is opening an exhibit next year called, you guessed it, Folk City. The free advertising gods have smiled.