Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bob Dylan FOREST HILLS- 7/8/2016

Yeah, this blog happens to be a little Bob Dylan top-heavy. I used to care but…you know.

What can I say? Dylan=Folk City=Porco=ME. I'm a fan. I enjoy seeing the man when he's in town. So does Ratso and Mitch and Dave and Jeff and Susan. And many other familiar faces showed up at the tennis complex in the borough of Queens. Dylan played Forest Hills in 1965 and then again last night.

Bob has been the most pilfered and counterfeited artists of all time. From reproduced concert posters, to unauthorized photos (see here) to unauthorized recordings of all kinds and images on t-shirts to bad cover tunes to good cover tunes…his work has been borrowed and stolen. Poor Bob.

Below are some of my photos, grabbed fair and square. I can't say that I will share all the proceeds that I will gain from having some footage and photos. This blog generates exactly zero buck$. So I'm giving some images away at the expense of Gerde's favorite son. I will say, however, that I supported Dylan buy buying 4 tickets but only using 2…so I paid double to see him. Bound to do it again.

His city is proud of him. His Fans are proud of him still touring and selling out large crowds. The Folk City Folk are proud of him. So on their behalf, Bob, I apologize for sneaking a few images out. Here are some:

(PS- yes…I put a ©bobporco on them because I fucking took them. Deal with it)

Note the tennis racquet

Sunshine on his shoulders

Not spats, leather boots

All the gold and silver being stolen away 


Friday, June 10, 2016

Subterranean 75th Birthday Salute to Bob Dylan- Commemorative T-Shirt

This is the batch of remainder shirts unsold from the actual concert held May 24, 2016.

The Village Underground and Friends of Mike Porco held a sold out, over-the-top, Rock and Rolling concert for Gerde's Folk City's favorite son, Bob Dylan.

Contemporaries and past bandmates of Bob performed that night and some lucky folks in attendance bought t-shirts on-site and walked away as a witness to history, happy as hell. 

You can still get yours. If you missed the big show, no one will know.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

GERDE'S FOLK CITY 50th Anniversary- six year old pix

Time flies, dude.

Gerde's became ''FOLK CITY'' exactly 56 years ago.

For 5 months in early 1960, Izzy Young ran 'The Fifth Peg at Gerde's' with Mike Porco and a fella named Tom Prendergast. By Memorial Day of that year, Izzy and Tom were out, and Mike Porco…well you can guess the rest.

The first star to perform under the newly minted club called 'Folk City' was Carolyn Hester. Charlie Rothschild came up with the name and assumed Izzy's booking duties.



In 2010, I invited a ton of Folk City's past performers to play 'one last time' at the old Folk City on West 3rd. Everybody agreed to come. We commandeered the joint for 6 hours on a Monday night. Even I took the stage with Frank Christian and Rod MacDonald to play 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door.'

Here now are 50-some-odd never before released frames from the footage of the event. You're' welcome. Come again.

Bev Grant 
Bob Sr. and Bob Jr. passing out fliers

Bob and Bob at the original corner
W4th and Mercer

Jack Hardy recognizes old drinking buddy

Bob Fass got up on stage, too

David Amram

Dominic Chianese, Bob Batch

Eric Weissberg

Jack Hardy

John McKuen

Judy Gorman

Bob and Rod MacDonald

Peggy Atwood

Randy Burns

Steve Ben Israel

Sylvia Tyson

Vincent Vok

Willie Nile, Frank Christian

Willie Nininger