Thursday, June 4, 2020


The People of New York Declare
Monday, June 8 is

Bring your acoustic instruments and grab a stoop to play.

Find space and practice, rehearse, sing and make music.

Music Heals. Music Unites.

Still not back to work? No excuse to miss this.

Share and spread the word.

Help re-establish live music in Greenwich Village ASAP.

All day. Open for all ages.

Bring your guitars and flutes. Sit around. Stand around. Play. Patronize open businesses.

Peaceful stand for music in New York City.


Please share the link. Tell a friend. Tune up!

The People have declared
MacDougal Street OPEN.

Let's all be a-stoopin' when the City opens.


All day
All ages

Saturday, April 11, 2020

PHIL OCHS cover song

(to When I'm Gone)

Covid-19 version

Oh my god your hair is getting long
People jogging in the park with
Whatever they've got on
The shut down has the unemployed writing stupid
little songs
I can't believe we gave up all our Rights

No freedom to assemble
No freedom to talk
No freedom to go drinking
No freedom to walk
No freedom to sit shiva
No freedom to fuck
I can't believe we gave up all our Rights

No Easter No Passover
No time clocks being punched
No spinning yoga Pilates
No ladies who do lunch
No concerts no baseball
No going out for brunch
I can't believe we gave up all our Rights

Come writers poets congressmen
Musicians heed the call
My kin Folk need to save the world
As soon as there's a lull
The death toll is coming down
While the rest of us climb the walls
I can't believe we gave up all our Rights

Twelve hundred bucks was all it took
To take away our jobs
Phil Ochs would shit a golden brick
Of the extent that has been robbed
He's looking down hoping I'd
Stop butchering his song
I can't believe we gave up
I can't believe we gave up
I can't believe we gave up all our Rights

(Apologies for misspeaking in the video saying 'while I'm here' instead of When I'm Gone)


Thursday, April 9, 2020

GERDES FOLK CITY 60TH Anniversary Concert footage

Including the audience! Left to right we have James Maddock, Paul Metsa, Richard Barone, Drummer Konrad Meissner (out of view), Amy Blume, Willie Nile, Karla Blume, Carolyn Hester, Rob Stoner, Terre Roche, some random dude, Johnny Pisano


Question: How much music have you listened to during the CRISIS?
Bob's answer: Some, not much. To drown out the news, I've played dozens of hours of 'cleansing' sound on YouTube. 
528Hz on Youtube. Michael Keaton might say ''529,530, whatever it takes.''

There has also been some looking back on the concert I hosted in January of THIS year. It’s hard to imagine that people used to just sit there and listen to music without masks on!!!!

Of course, I kid. I’m wearing a mask for a few more days then f%ck that. The virus is real but this panic is a manmade pothole. Let’s work and drink and be merry. Eat balls, Fauci and Cuomo. My work is ESSENTIAL.

Once my upload speed got out of the slow lane, I was finally able to post all of my personal footage to my YouTube channel. 

Question: Of what?

JANUARY 24, 2020

It's all I got. It's every second recorded that I was able to grab between Green room and main room travel. Doesn't look too bad. Sound is from the camera mic and turned down a bit for this video.


(Apologies for not capturing much of James Maddock. But he captured the room and back hall.)

It’s quite a unique time here on Earth.

I’m in Manhattan. It’s quiet. Lots of masks. Lots of hope, too.

The park is full of people getting air and exercising. Don’t be a hermit! If you look back at my March 26 youtube video, you’ll see me suggesting getting quinine, sunshine, zinc and vitamin c. The suggestion stands today. It’s Springtime!!! Get OUT.

When the Lords of Flatbush declare us all alive enough to live life, I shall go back to work, get my wartime paperwork together and start frequenting MUSIC shows.

I mentioned above that I haven’t listened to a ton of music. (Murder most foul notwithstanding) 
I’ve tried to PLAY more since the vibration is what it’s all about. All the musicians I know already know this. They play everyday and that’s their therapy, coping mechanism, medicine, happy place, resonating way to live. In the East it’s called Tao. 

I’m not a good player but good enough to rattle through several songs. The G chord over and over is also good. Eleven days of G so far! Working on chiming along for the days ahead.

Stay safe, Peoples. Know that our Rights to work and assemble have been wrestled away only temporarily. Can you imagine the return to the real world? Very exciting.

Here you have some details on the oft advertised 60th Anniversary Show:

The 60th 2020 Hindsight Rear View Mirror Revue

The set list!

Thanks, Michael Perlin's FB post:
1. Terre Roche : Face Down at Folk City (The Roches)
2. Terre Roche & Richard Barone: When I’m Gone (Phil Ochs)
3. Paul Metsa (from the Iron Range in Minnesota, his home town 20 miles from Hibbing, and the only name I had not known before): Walking in a Woman’s World
4. Terre Roche & Richard Barone & Paul Metsa: Shoals of herring (Clancy Brothers, I think)
5. Rob Stoner (in Dylan’s band for years; listen to the bass guitar solo at the beginning of One More Cup of Coffee; that’s him): If I Can Dream (Elvis Presley)
6. Rob Stoner: Forever Young (BD, in the mode of Elvis)
7. Rob Stoner: It’s a Man’s World (James Brown)
8. Rob Stoner: You’re a Big Girl Now (BD)
9. Rob Stoner: Cryin’ (Roy Orbison)
10. Rob Stoner: Blowin’ in the Wind (BD, but in the mode of Frank Sinatra)
11. Rob Stoner: Been A Long Time (Led Zeppelin)
12. Carolyn Hester: Lonesome Tears (Buddy Holly, whom she said, used to live around the corner from her in the Village (!))
13. Carolyn Hester (with her daughters) on bass and piano: Summertime (Gershwin)
14. Carolyn Hester (with her daughters?) on bass and piano: Get Together (Jesse Colin Young)
15. James Maddock: I Can’t Settle (his)
16. James Maddock: Another Life (his)
17. James Maddock: Beautiful Now (his)
18. Willie Nile (with Johnny Pisano on bass, of course): Seeds of Revolution(his)
19. Willie Nile (with Pisano): American Ride (his)
20. Everyone: One Guitar (Willie Nile)
21. Everyone: The Times They Are A-Changin’ 

Folk City was the epicenter of the Washington Square Folk and Blues Revival It was known for being the first paying gig for a constellation of Folk and Rock legends. Gerde’s became the premiere showcase for America's most critically acclaimed singer-songwriters, Bluesmen and traditional Folk artists from around the Country. Folk City ultimately hosted acts as far and wide as Gospel matinees on Sunday in 1960 to Sonic Youth in the ‘80s.  Hear songs from the vast music catalog of Greenwich Village come to life. Our All Star house band will pay tribute to the anthems of American music history. Solo performances by Texas Songbird Carolyn Hester- Folk City’s first ever Act! Multi dimensional song craftsman James Maddock Terre Roche of the Folk Rock pioneers, The Roches Worldwide Mod Rocker Willie Nile Bandleader extraordinaire, Rolling And Rockin’ Rob Stoner 

Paul Metsa is a legendary musician and songwriter from Minnesota. Born on the Iron Range, he has been based in Minneapolis since 1978. The drummer is class act Konrad Meissner  Your show’s Hosts:  Richard Barone of The Bongos Original proprietor, Mike Porco’s grandson, Bob Porco

Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday, Shutdown in NYC- New York City and State in the way of Right to work, ability to earn

deBlasio and Cuomo talk flippantly about stretching this into May or beyond. We won't get there without a crime wave and senseless death from something other than COVID-19. Restaurants, music venues, mom-n-pop stores will be unable to re-open without foot traffic. SEND THE HEALTHY BACK TO WORK. Let New Yorkers assume their own risk. The City and State Government is in the way or our Right to Work, Right to Assemble, Ability to earn.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday, Shutdown in NYC- Know your Rights, Get exercise, Get Tonic water, Vit C, D and Zinc

Theres a new phobia in town.
No storm ever lingers forever. We’ll get beyond this black cloud. Get Vitamin C and D3. Get Zinc and tonic water with quinine.
Our existing immunity is our only real defense.

People have died with COVID-19 when coupled with chronic illness. 

I think we are watching a predictable petering out of COVID-19. Its gonna take some time but I am an ├╝ber optimist. If that’s how I’m described, I’ll take it. If my view here on this blog is seen as insensitivity or denial of the nature of COVID-19, I beg to differ but time will reveal the truth by the numbers in the end.


I’ve decided to don one as a precaution. I have elderly clients and neighbors. 

I’m an avid bicyclist here in NYC. The death rate for my age group from COVID-19 is quite laughable in comparison to my daily risk.

What level of risk do we not already assume by crossing Madison Avenue at rush hour?

We enter the outside world at our own risk. 

Granted, the safety protocol to mitigate the spread of COVID has been enacted to reduce the risk to others. I am not insensitive to that. My gripe is that the State and City Government is in the way of our Right to Work, Right to Assemble. It’s not Martial Law but it will probably feel like THIS in New York. It’s criminal to prolong it. I don’t trust the CDC with my life.

Crime wave in...10...9...8...7...

It has been declared that the majority of New Yorkers are too young, too healthy and too alive to go about their business. It has been decided that we are not to be allowed to judge our own risk.

“Many are too youthful and positive to go to school and congregate at houses of worship. 
Many are too vibrant and musical to create their own safe community,” they may say.

The chronically ill must be protected from exposure to the COVID virus. 

The clock ticks and it won’t be long before many defy orders to limit movement. The city will be (is) filled with desperate people. 

These ’15 days’ may last to April 15. It’s already day 11 (March 26) and I’m over it. 

The day the Folks return to work will be the biggest day of business for many businesses. Black Friday in April.

That said, I’m excited for the end of this panic. 
I see us on the cusp of the Roaring 20’s. Banks failed in the early 1920’s but it didn’t affect society at large. It wasn’t a cyber world then. Many more families were self sufficient. 

Today, we live in a smart-tech world. The return to ‘’normal’’ may include the need for official papers to leave your house for work. It may include limited State-toState travel. It may lead to a cyber-election. It may lead to immunization verification to enter the subway or office buildings. Business transactions may become cashless. Let the end-times debate begin.

For now, I would trade off some of that for the promise of a global renaissance. I’d love to see people recognize our success over COVID and know that we, collectively, are sailing along together. I hope we recognize that we need to rely less on Amazon and more on neighbors.

Why are we using the Chinese model to combat this virus?

They first isolated patients. Then they shut doors. Then they shut down a region from travel. Then they go collect the dead from their homes. Then they go back to work and monitor other countries unique responses. 

Freedom of assembly and right to work are freedoms we took for granted before this. It must return without permanent limitations OR ELSE.

“Or else” we will see all of our cherished rights fade away without debate. Currently, the State is treating all kids, teachers, bankers, musicians, servers and business owners as too incapable to assume their own risk. 

”You’re all too alive to go out and die.”

I’m done with it but I shall wait impatiently. I’ll vent online while the internet is still a thing. I fear that the fuse is lit and crawling along towards an explosion of crime and violence. Let’s call the whole thing off!

But be prepared. Prepare to stay in for several more days. We won’t survive weeks more of this. There will be a new definition of “going POSTAL” after a while. 

Soon, the State imposed cocoon will crack and we’ll all be ‘allowed’ to go outside again. Guess what: We’re gonna party and thrive like it’s 1999!!!

So be prepared for that, as well. The year 2020 will reveal inverse realities for many of us; perhaps all of us. It will be a mirror image of the past. Day to day, as quickly as a stay at home order can be decreed, a ‘get out and live’ order can be mandated. 

This shutdown is holding many hostage on both coasts and will not last indefinitely. It’s a LIE to say that it will not end and that this will ‘become our way of life.’

We’ll all have the cleanest gyms and hands, but this will pass. 

Get ready to frequent those music concerts. Be ready to mass up, elbow to elbow, 3 deep at the bar. Play 2 hand touch football in the park. Go to $5 movies, $5 concerts and $5 burgers. Buy $5 items that were once $9.99!

A worse scenario concurrently hangs over us. That might mean a shutdown until the riots and food runs out. Lack of rent money will make the ‘stay at home’ order become an academic anecdote. The level of this business shutdown is the exact level we’ll put up with. I’m already over it. 

My recent video series began 4 days ago with a $50 pledge to a friend. Twenty days from now, it could be a life or death situation for thousands (really millions) who, on average, were never exposed to COVID-19. Oh the irony. 

My other video logs should reveal that I do have empathy for those in the direct path of this pathogen. The rest of us should LIVE LIFE. Kiss, cavort and buy beer.

Of course, other factors could make my prediction 100% wrong. Those $10 items might be $25. The food may stop. The Market may stop. The 401(k)s may be absconded and won’t I look silly for being optimistic. 

That’s why I’m praying for and betting on a mass awakening and coming together. At the moment. The ‘Great Fathers in DC’ are plotting to send millions of Americans thousands of dollars so it can’t be all that bad. It’s a good start. My New York City will be on a delayed curve compared to the rest of the nation but we shall land on our feet. We need to tend to what we can control which is ourselves. 

I’m committing to my small team and if we all carry a little more water then we will make it to the greener pasture. We will venture beyond to brighter fields leaving that black cloud behind us. We’ll GET TOGETHER.

I bring it up getting together because I’ve been known to organize groups of listeners for musicians in my circle of friends. 

Should those utopian days be delivered upon us, I’ll do what I can do to make a small show for some musician in need.

The longer this lingers, the further away into the future goes that idyllic view. 

Stay positive!
Visualize music in the streets.
Know your rights!

The most vital: Speech, artistic expression, assembly and press.

Quinine in Tonic water helps get zinc absorbed. Vitamin C and D3 are vital to the immune system. Zinc works well with Vitamin C. Get exercise. Get out where you can while you can. Your immunity is your only defense.

What on Earth?

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday, NYC Lockdown- Dylan lyrics reference Covid-19? Or is it just me?

If Covid won't kill you, the food riots might.

There's a wall between (us) and what (we) want and (we) gotta Leap (year) through it

I want to share a possible solution to soften the panic. Share some digital money with someone. I've 'adopted' a musician and will keep in contact with him. Ernie Vega @papavega on Venmo. I will give where I can to one dude JUST FUCKING BECAUSE. I'd love for the idea to go 'viral' because math don't lie. If we all adopt one extra, then the worst case scenario is already beat. That's what started this quarantine video series. It's still my main encouragement. However, Dylan's lyrics appeared to ring true in some ways to me today. I'm not AJ Weberman. It's a layman's analysis. Groom still waiting at the alter Prayed in the ghetto with my face in the cement Heard the last moan of a boxer, seen the massacre of the innocent Felt around for the light switch, felt around for her face Been treated like a farm animal on a wild goose chase

(We're following orders like pets on a wild goose chase afraid of contact with each other. We'll make great pets.)
West of Jordan, east of the Rock of Gibraltar I see the turning of the page Curtain rising on a new age See the groom still waiting at the altar
Try to be pure at heart, they arrest you for robbery Mistake your shyness for aloofness, your shyness for snobbery Got the message this morning, the one that was sent to me About the madness of becoming what one was never meant to be

(Everyone shying behind masks stumbling over curbs to stay 6 feet away from others. Madness over a strain and pandemic that was meant to be a beta test for the real pandemic to come. Covid likely to be less deadly than the projections)
West of Jordan, east of the Rock of Gibraltar I see the turning of the page Curtain rising on a new age See the groom still waiting at the altar
Don't know what I can say about Claudette (Corona) wouldn't come back to haunt me Finally had to give her up about the time she began to want me But I know God has mercy on them who are slandered and humiliated I'd a-done anything for that woman if she'd only make me feel obligated

(I could be wrong but Viruses mutate themselves out of existence. Your body will expel Covid. Healthy bodies don't want covid as badly as she wants you. Covid came through America in January)
West of Jordan, east of the Rock of Gibraltar I see the turning of the page Curtain rising on a new age See the groom still waiting at the altar
Put your hand on my head, baby, do I have a temperature? I see people who are supposed to know better standing around like furniture There's a wall between you and what you want and you got to leap through it Tonight you got the power to take it, tomorrow you won't have the power to keep it

(Shutdown orders in major cities happened in short order by overnight decree. Know which Rights we all just lost our own power over- work, movement, congregation, leisure. People would like to work but the doors and walls are closed.)
West of Jordan, east of the Rock of Gibraltar I see the turning of the page Curtain rising on a new age See the groom still waiting at the altar
Cities on fire, phones out of order They're killing nuns and soldiers, there's fighting on the border What can I say about Claudette? Ain't seen her since January She could be respectfully married or running a whorehouse in Buenos Aires

(The worst scenario- cities on fire, no cell service, lockdown on State borders for a virus already here since January and nearly GONE. Pray)
West of Jordan, east of the Rock of Gibraltar I see the turning of the page Curtain rising on a new age See the groom still waiting at the altar

(We'll collectively live to collectively see the real Groom; another panic and another .1% death rate flu-like strain) Dead man, dead man [Verse 1] Uttering idle words from a reprobate mind Clinging to strange promises, dying on the vine Never being able to separate the good from the bad Ooh, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it It’s making me feel so sad

(I Don't trust Dr. Fauci. We have to keep 6 feet from the world but not him. ''Masks are good, masks are useless, masks are good'' What did he do about H1N1 which killed 12,000 in the US? How many of his HIV patients are alive? Hint: Zero. Owned by big pharma 100%)
[Chorus] Dead man, dead man When will you arise? Cobwebs in your mind Dust upon your eyes [Verse 2] Satan got you by the heel, there’s a bird’s nest in your hair Do you have any faith at all? Do you have any love to share? The way that you hold your head, cursing God with every move Ooh, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it What are you trying to prove?

(We were collectively too sated and happy before. Phone, Tv, bowl of cereal, alarm set for the morning. Now we, at least I, have resorted to praying for us all. Churches and synagogues closed: Walmart open) [Chorus] Dead man, dead man When will you arise? Cobwebs in your mind Dust upon your eyes [Verse 3] The glamour and the bright lights and the politics of sin The ghetto that you build for me is the one you end up in The race of the engine that overrules your heart Ooh, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it Pretending that you’re so smart

(Politicians and Mayors shutting down work and gyms while they go to work and the gym. The People are locked at home while THEY work and take income from the engine generated by the People's past labor.)
[Verse 4] What are you trying to overpower me with, the doctrine or the gun? My back is already to the wall, where can I run? The tuxedo that you’re wearing, the flower in your lapel Ooh, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it You want to take me down to hell

(This won't end with any politician or unelected bureaucrat skating away after blanketing entire cities in fear. Pitchforks ready once the National Guard leaves the streets. Until then, it's just a manmade decree to not work. A Belly up economy will force people against the wall. Not a pretty vision. Protests and riots inevitable.) Dead man, dead man When will you arise? Cobwebs in your mind Dust upon your eyes

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday, NYC shutdown, solution at hand, prepare to be back to work in April

I want to share a possible solution. Share some digital money with someone. I've 'adopted' a musician and will keep in contact with him. Ernie Vega @papavega on Venmo. I will give where I can to one dude JUST FUCKING BECAUSE. I already support my daughter and ex with service. I hope Ernie can appreciate the gesture. I'd love for the idea to go 'viral' because math don't lie. If we all adopt one extra, then the worst case scenario is already beat.

Im already considering:

Monday in New York with Corona Virus stay at home order- SHORT TERM FIX FOR SOME

How does this virus and lockdown affect the world of musicians?
Can a solution be right in front of our faces?
Yes, says Bob Porco.
CHOOSE one person to support a little.

Is it possible to inspire a solution to Covid through Facebook and the internet?
It could be a rough patch for some so I've 'adopted' a musician who is out of work and will help with the groceries. If we all help one, everybody eats. Very simple. Please share.

Here's the guy I sent digital money to: @papavega on Venmo. Reputable guy. Took lessons from Van Ronk. We worked together at the Gaslight on MacDougal Street in 2012 with Randy Burns. Met him in 2010 live on air at Bob Fass' Radio Unnamable. How things change.

Daily LOCKDOWN video blogs or Video Logs to be posted. Just because. Plus, I'm temporarily not working either:)

(the above video was published yesterday)