Saturday, April 9, 2016

THE NINTH OF APRIL 61, 76, and 2016

Tonight, I'll be heading to the Towne Crier Cafe in Beacon, NY to see
and listen to a friend of my grandfather's.
The great rocker, Garland Jeffreys will be doing a show
and I'll get the chance to introduce him to my daughter, Angelina.
Things are still happening and the circle is still widening….


Exactly 55 years ago, Israel Goodman Young was involved in sparing and downright 
restoring free speech in Washington Square.
A good friend, Mitch B -the Hypnotist Collector- feels that April 9, 1961
deserves much more attention than has thus far been devoted to it.
NYC Parks Commissioner Morris ordered the NYPD to
halt music being played in Washington Square on Sundays.
It was clearly not a welcome ordinance.

Izzy Young was the man most pointed to as their 'leader' to voice their opinion to the police.
In the end, it was Izzy who sued the City and WON.
Free assembly and drum circles were saved!!

Izzy can be heard saying:
"Commissioner Morris is trying to say that Folk Music 
brings degenerates and bad people.


Filmed April 9, 1961
by Dan Drasdin
Look for Izzy Young's mother marching
and Happy Traum being harassed by police

That very day, Bob Dylan was nervously rehearsing for his first professional gig.
He was about to open a week of shows for the Country Bluesman
Earlier that week, on April 5th, Zimmy and Mike Porco
went to the local 802 Musicians' Union hall to 
file a contract.
Mike signed as Dylan's legal guardian since Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman were in 


And exactly 40 years ago,
released himself from this world.
His words and music live on beyond anything 
his friends or family could have envisioned.
Well respected by his peers, he was called ''one of the greatest
poets who ever lived'' by Neil Young.

Released today
on the 40th anniversary of Phil's passing:

In the words of the keeper of Phil's flame, the man who released this exceptional recording
Dave Peller:
This recording took place Christmas Eve 1975 at my apartment in Soho that I shared with Larry “Ratso” Sloman and Phil when he felt like it. Phil picked up a guitar and started to sing and I decided to record it. For the time being it seemed that Phil’s psychotic episodes during the dog days of the summer of ’75 had reached a zenith at Gerde’s in October and with Che, and Phil had now moved to a different and calmer place on the bipolar spectrum. He had not been drinking and had been writing obsessively. He was planning an album that would be an unflinching narrative of his psychosis over the past year and had at least ten songs in various states. Five of those songs are represented here. The working title for the album was Duel In The Sun. Soon after the New Year Phil started to come around less until he eventually moved in with his sister Sonny in Far Rockaway. We would talk on the phone but I would never see him again.
This is dedicated to Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Mike Porco; three of the best friends Phil ever had and to Sonny Ochs for keeping Phil’s music alive all these years.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Concert for Bob- May 24th SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

As we approach the merry month of May, many great living artists will be celebrated
on their birthdays. 
Should news of their birthdays start to 
many fans of said artists and writers and
Musicians will pay a simple tribute to 
their favorites by 
POSTING a picture or news report or a song for their
FOLLOWERS to enjoy. Yippie. 
Let's cut to the chase...that don't mean shit. 
Ya call that 'celebrating?'

And if I may be bold in saying, there is NO bigger artist on Earth
poised to experience one of life's special

"The greatest poet 
since Shakespeare to use the English language," as one of my friends likes to say,
will be turning 75 on May 24th. 

Imagine if Shakespeare's friends and colleagues 
took the time to celebrate his 50th turn
around the sun...what a blast they may have had!!

But that was 4 centuries ago. This is now.

We here in New York City have decided
that we won't let Bob Dylan's 75th birthday pass without
having a good bash. 

So for those who have been living under a stone, I will alert you to
the list of performers celebrating this 
May 24

Our fearless bandleader for the night
Rob Stoner. 
Happy Traum
The Kennedys
George Gerdes
Terre Roche
Marc Jonson
Rod MacDonald
Mark Dann
Luther Rix

There are about 65 seats left. Standing room/walk up sales
is pooh-poohed for this show. 

This is an invite to those who want to be at
The Village Underground 
130 West 3rd Street
(the former site of Folk City)
to celebrate in style. 

As if
the list of performers celebrating 
the words and music of Bob Dylan
weren't enough,
what will make you wish you were there 
should be the news that 
scheduled to appear are
members of seminal Folk quartet
The New World Singers. 
That's right. 

Happy Traum will be camping out on stage
for the evening
and at some point,
Bob Cohen and 
Delores Dixon
shall join in and team up once again
54 YEARS since they recorded
"Blowin in the wind" for the 
(that's right, not Bob)
Bob wrote it and handed it to Gil Turner who then
worked on it with his bandmates
with Bob's blessing. 

A very special guest is bound to appear
and will play on songs
that he helped arrange, record and perform with Dylan during 
The '60s. 

SSSHHHHH! It's a double-secret visit to Greenwich Village 
for this musician. Not fair to tell or guess!

You can't prepare for what's coming. 
You'll just have to be there to witness it. 
It's over the top COOL. 



Help the cause.

A little place called Gerde's
(Fred McDarrah)

Mike Porco

not Mike Porco

Bob Dylan at Gerde's Folk City

Bob Dylan was in the audience for all of
Big Joe's sets this engagement

History unfolded at Folk City

Find your name, ask Bob Porco to come to the show. That easy.

Rob Stoner, Joan Baez, Dylan, Eric Andersen
at the Rolling Thunder kickoff at Folk City, 1975
(Photo Fred McDarrah)

Bob Cohen, Delores Dixon, Happy Traum of
The New World Singers

The Village Underground is under the site of this picture

Somewhere in time, at 130 W3rd Street

Sunday, March 6, 2016


The 'Dylanologists" are in a frothing tizzie this week due to the release of 6000 items from Bob Dylan's personal possession into the hands of George Kaiser and the University of Tulsa.

It has been described as 'an endless ocean' of goodies for fans to ponder and scholars to study. We could be here for quite a while going through it all….

From the New York Times:
So he (Glenn Horowitz) pitched the collection to the Kaiser foundation and the University of Tulsa as a magnet for both scholarly study and international tourism. Most of the material will be housed at the Helmerich Center for American Research, a facility at the Gilcrease Museum, which is affiliated with the university. The Gilcrease has a vast collection of western art and early colonial archives, a fittingly historical setting for a songwriter whose words are regularly cited by Supreme Court justices. Although plans are still being made, the Kaiser foundation is also considering a spot next to the Guthrie museum for a new Dylan gallery that will be open to the public.

There's really not much 'weird' about America's greatest living artist and poet deciding to share his personal keepsakes. It wasn't completed without a price tag and I, for one, think that Mr. Dylan has every right to sell his items for profit.

But Bob is busy. He's busy touring, recording, welding iron gates, being a grandfather….many things, I reckon. Mostly, he's busy being Bob Fucking Dylan.

So his OFFICE and his people have been very busy working on this deal for up to two years.

As the NYT article explains, Dylan's office retained an archivist and a broker.

That broker just happens to be my friend and personal training client, Glenn Horowitz.

I've known Glenn for several years and I've always known him to be a consummate professional and THE big dog in his specialized field. He was the best man for this job and I'm proud to have a chance to pat him on the back for his good deed.


Glenn Horowitz, Bookseller

He was an out of shape blob when I started training him and now he's in much better shape and a smaller blob but he's MY blob. (KIDDING!)

He's quite a unique personality in a city full of them. He's legit, folks. He has learned quickly that millions of people are VERY interested in Bob's archives. Thankfully, Bob also cares for his keepsakes and they've been cared for up to this point. Now, they will be cared for and poured over for decades to come.

The 'holy grail' or 'Maltese falcon' of the collection is something known as the ''little red notebook.''

WEIRD FACT 2: I've had a chance to peer into the 'LRNB.'

Let me tell you, it's fucking cool. Poems and songs unknown to the public…until now.
(if they were meant to be recorded, they would have been)
Some of these poems were written during the "Blood on The Tracks'' period. Notes and lyrics seem to be transcribed from previous drafts and placed into one spiral pocket book. MB, hypnotist collector, feels that it appears to be part editing process, part memorization exercise. I agree.

''Don't want to be followed around by a man wearing shoes half my size''

My personal opinion is that Bob wrote very small for a couple of reasons. One is that it was a tiny book forcing him to squeeze 16-verse songs on to just a few pages. Another reason MAY be that these were personal and private writings about his dissolving marriage to Sara and the tales of his life at the time. He probably wanted them to be kept private. And that he did….until now.

So this week, with all the international fanfare and Sunday's (today, March 6) New York Times spread, Dylan fans may start counting the days until the wing is built on the Guthrie Museum site and we can drag ass to Tulsa to gawk and wow and take smartphone pictures and pretend that we can understand it all.

I, for one, am eager to see the next dose of 6000 items.

Bob Dylan and Mike Porco were friends. As Bob gets older, his attic becomes less cluttered and we get closer to volume two of 'Chronicles.' His autobiography still has much to tell us, part of which may be his feelings toward his surrogate father…I hope. I can only guess that Mr. Dylan still has many more items, stories and tangible pieces of paper that he prefers to keep closer to his heart.


Well done, GLENN!
Thank you Jeff and BOB.

Friday, February 19, 2016

INTRODUCING THE BEATLES- Original issue discovered unopened

Not actually. That was a different album for the Lads.
What Mike Porco had in his possession was a mono copy of the third issue of the first pressing of INTRODUCING THE BEATLES VJLP 1062.

Since my grandfather passed in 1992, it has sat in his condo in Florida. Now my father babysits the dusty find. Years ago, I found it there and put it back. Then again last year, I decided to ask around about it. After hearing some helpful advice from known and respected Beatlemaniacs, I'm certain that it needs to be put in the professional hands of an appraiser and then sold to one appreciative customer.

I put it on ebay. It's my first listing. If it doesn't sell in 10 days, it will collect more dust.

I put it on the site and then decided that I need to get it in hand FIRST, and then have it inspected.
I will be retrieving the disc myself soon to escort it to experts. I'm bound to go from NYC to FLA grab the LP go to Santa Fe and then to AZ and back to NYC.

I'd like my trip paid for, if you please. Plus, for some odd reason, both my Jeep and my guitar are in the shop. I have some extra time on my hands this week. Please help keep me off ebay.

In the course of time, I will discover it's original nature, it's real value and, hopefully, unload it. Mike isn't using it. I'm not. It needs preservation if it's legit.

I've learned that Sam Goody was known
for selling counterfeits.
Honestly, until it's authenticated, I can't vouch for it 100%.
I'll just keep it for what it is.
But Sam Goody sold real ones, too

There's also THIS

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Those were Bruce's words to me. And they were Mike Porco's words
to many others.

And after that, I bid Bruce Langhorne a farewell. I told him I'd see him later in the Summer,
if all went well.
For the 7 hours before that, we spent quality time and shared many belly
laughs and tall tales.
The camera wasn't rolling. You'll just have to take my word for it.
We rehashed some of those old stories he shared with me for my film interview.
I had my computer open and
I showed him ALL of my footage and film assemblies,
which he loved to no end.
We listened to the Bob Dylan 'Cutting Edge' sessions where Bruce was holding down the 
timing and rhythm for many songs in January 1965.

He talked about how Mike Porco was ''very important in my early career.''
We talked about the things Bruce learned from Mike while being the one man house band
for Gerde's Folk City back in the early days.
We talked about my stories and anecdotes of hanging out with
Izzy Young and others on my trip through
Mike Porco's past.
He understood that I flew from NYC
to his bedside to thank him personally,
not only for his time he gave me on camera in 2013,
but on behalf of my grandfather,
and he reciprocated his appreciation.
And then those words came out of his mouth…
the same words Mike would often use with all of his
'children' from Folk City:
We're all in this together.
I knew the room was filled with more than just the 
two of us.
Thanks to Bruce.


Sunday, January 31, 2016

HOOT- As You Like It

As expected and promised, we had a day full of music and community.
I took a beautiful ride up to Olivebridge, NY with my daughter... Lots of laughs and, dare I say, some spoken word poetry and song writing ideas shared on the way home. What a day!

Angelina in the house

Ana Egge
NYC via North Dakota

Highly educational,
partially warped,
Supremely talented
Jeffrey Lewis

The Mike+Ruthy Band

Flight to LAX.
Breakfast somewhere near the Pacific waters.
Lunch with Mr. Tambourine Man.
Redemption songs. These songs of freedom.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

AMERICAN RIDE with Willie Nile

Yesterday, I supported Willie Nile and his great band at Phil Ciganer's 
Towne Crier
Today- heading to Olivebridge, NY for Mike+Ruthy's HOOT.
check back for more pictures…..