Tuesday, June 26, 2012

VAGABONDO! NYC premiere at the original Gaslight

VAGABONDO! is the documentary from Todd Kwait and Mark Sebastian about the Singer/Songwriter VINCE MARTIN.

An unlikely film arose depicting two folk music veterans revisiting the places where they lived and made music; Coney Island, Brooklyn and Greenwich Village.
Through their conversations, we see the importance of music and its positive impact on the human spirit.

To wander the streets of New York City with folk musician Vince Martin is to walk back in time to the buzz and holler of Greenwich Village in its beatnik heyday. From an unlikely beginning, Brooklyn-native Martin quickly rose up the charts with the 1957 hit "Cindy, Oh Cindy", backed by the Tarriers. This earned him both popularity and scorn in the strangely competitive world of the Village music scene. But then his songwriting collaborations with Fred Neil, culminating in the influential 1964 album Tear Down The Walls, laid down the sound that became ‘60s folk.The film is a show-biz romp with one of the last genuine New York characters. It gives the viewer a seat at the table as Sebastian explores music, women, morality and mortality with the tough-talking folkie senior. (READ: F-bombs)

With a song on his lips, the singer transmits his intense love affair with life as a vagabondo, his Italian grandfather’s unflattering word for a wandering minstrel.
"Singing, that’s the only way I know to go." To spend an hour with Martin in the film Vagabondo! is to have your own lust for life refreshed.

Join us for this very special evening with the man himself, Vince Martin, as we watch the film and open discussion with the filmmakers, Todd Kwait and Mark Sebastian. LIVE MUSIC to round out the night, as it should!!!!!

Special screening, Q&A and the power of song all for the price of admission. What's not to like??

Advance tickets on sale HERE


Saturday, June 23, 2012



I came into this family
With no expectations
No Facebook ID
No fears
Just my last name
And that was good enough for all of them

I was welcomed with open arms
And wide eyes
And gaping mouths
Amazed that I existed
And I am still amazed

Telling stories to me
Unheard of
And untold for a dog's age
Held in for just the right pair of ears

And I made eye contact with those
From the street
From the time
From the golden years
And I saw the light
Of the past in their eyes
Searing through me
Searching for a sign from Mike
My stare receiving
One love
For my Grandpa
A man of few possessions
Other than a club
Called home
By all those who made the street shine
Up and down MacDougal and 3rd
And positively 4th and Mercer
And points far flung
Yet rooted in the Village
International troubadours
Neighborhood heroes

Folk City was the home of the dreamers
It was "our living room"
It was "the Mecca"
It was "the crown jewel"

But not now
Just a memory to most
A fortuitous gig for thousands
A forgotten footnote to others
And still unknown to less fortunate generations
But don't worry
I'll take care of that
Because the love pours through
Like a river carved in bedrock
Like a canyon in my veins
It carves through space and time
Into the hours of today

Because it lives in them
And it lives in me
Injected and infused
With the love and power
Of song
Poured out from within
Always in tune
With those who surround the sound
The song is heard in their head
But felt in their hearts

Regardless of sales
Or accolades
Or acceptance or fame
They held on to their vision
No matter the cost
No matter the loss
They stayed honest to themselves
To their art. Their craft. Their heart

And they were grateful
For the opportunity to
Show their wares
And share the stage
Shared by so many other
And crazies
And lovers
And ranters
And ravers
And friends and kindred spirits

For the closure of
Gerde's Folk City
Cemented their names
Into a time capsule
Fo' Eva'

It's finite and divine
Definite and no more
No more

They can carry it to their graves
Swagger and stagger
Into the sunset
As the ones who made history
When history was still being made
And it mattered

And it still matters