Tuesday, August 18, 2015


A concert to benefit….

Earthquake Situations 

in countries 
Ravaged by 
Economic Hardship and Famine 
due to 
Austerity Measures imposed on the poor 
After the Crash 
Before The Flood


It's a long title for a Benefit Concert. I'll probably just refer to it as "BEFORE THE FLOOD.''

When my next concert is held, the performers shall be paid by ticket sales AND
each ticket will support victims of The Flood of 2015.

If a flood or earthquake is not manufactured and provided prior to the concert date, (lettuce spray) then each ticket shall support music lessons for adolescents in the town of the concert.

Great idea…I know.


Monday, August 17, 2015


It's unlikely that I will ever promote this particular post on this particular blog in the infinite space of the Internet on this particular planet. 

After all, once a person enters the web to search, read, learn etc, one truly enters the infinite space of the cosmos. No?
You show me a man who says the Internet as we know it is a finite entity, and I will show you a fucking liar.

This bit of 'gossip' is small by comparison to infinite space.

The reason I won't advertise this little space of mine is because it's my first spice-tongued response toward an entity that shall soon be named below. 

I have been such a good boy,,,, never politicizing my blog with my opinions of trivial matters such as politicians and pop culture. Fuck. all. of. dat. 

Even with this planned post resembling meanness, I bear in mind the advice of Liam Clancy, given to Bob Dylan by Liam when they were both young and ambitious: 

No Fear
No Envy
No Meanness

It's a law to live by, in my eyes. It's not just a suggestion to stage performers. That's what I have gained from it. Not that I take advice that well...


Robbie Woliver has 'issues' with little ol' me. Over what? I'm not sure.

To lend some perspective, without intentions of sounding mean, I will paint a picture of our relations here. Sometimes the facts sound like a mean description of someone else.

These are facts. 

Robbie Woliver and two partners bought and ran Folk City from Mike Porco in 1980

Robbie et al organized the 25th Anniversary festival to honor Mike Porco and Folk City held in NYC in 1985. 

Robbie et al closed Folk City in 1986.

I graduated high school in 1987. 

So as you can see, I was, and still am, the KID in the equation... Punk kid, maybe. I am I. Get to know me, you'll soon see me better.

Who is Robbie Woliver, you ask?
That's my point exactly.

It has been told to me by those who know him best, Robbie Woliver has a tiny fan club. Fact.

I will state other facts (READ: No meanness) but I will first point out that a mutual friend has witnessed Robbie making a special note (an outright mention) of an existing rivalry between he and I. 

Firstly, as asinine as that sounds, I like a good competition as much as the next guy. But when I'm supposed to be an active participant in this perceived "rivalry," at least let me in on it so I can participate in the beating. 

To that end I say, one cannot succeed in a rivalry that doesn't exist. 

The word is comical every time I type it: Rivalry

I am one of a kind, niggahs. YOU just be hatin'.

No one has done anything for GERDES FOLK CITYtm and Mike Porco's good name and honor for the last 30 years but me. Another FACT, muthafukka. I have done more, mostly by fucking accident, in the last 5 years for my granddaddy than Ribbie and all others combined:
His partners, his #1 fan, Paul Simon, Dave Van Ronk and even Mike Porco. He passed in 1992. I am the one who has given his flesh in a handshake to his friends 18 years after his death. The living ones are current friends and respected elders to me here on Earth.

There is no competition. go home, bitch.

Most importantly to note here, I have something Robbie Woliver, his posse, Bob Dylan and Izzy Young don't have: PORCO BLOOD

I have just made renewed contact with my Uncle Angelo's son, Ronnie. Ron and all 8 Porco grandkids of Mike Porco have spit more Porco blood down the drain while brushing their gums than non-Porcos will ever have. 

Is it quite the name to boast?! Porco??!!
It's not like Vanderbilt or Jeter. But hey, my name has gotten me into Dylan's business office, backstage at a Baez concert and in the homes of Arlo Guthrie, John Hammond and José Feliciano to interview them on camera. Let's see Derek Jeter do that. 

Clearly, there is no rivalry on my mind. I'm only going on about HERE it and wasting time on it because I'm on vacation. And it bothers me a bit because I have offered to "join forces" and help out in the past. Not any more. He's made enough pseudo popularity for himself on Mike's name. He won't on mine. fuck him

In my spare time, I'm moving forward with my plans on honoring Mike and his friends in a movie. And I'm doing just fucking fine without the help of...robbie small r. 

There's a competition in someone's swirling mind somewhere, but I am a lifetime away with my own world-changing project. Chinese proverb: Man who says it cannot be done, should not interfere with man who is doing. 


I can only guess at where this rivalry (hahaha) stems. 

Back in 2010, I jumped into the Greenwich Village crowd like a kid cannonballing the elders at the swimming pool. 

I burst in on everyone out of the blue. I emailed and called dozens of people and asked them to help me put on a 50th Anniversary party for Gerde's Folk City. Everyone said yes. I was blessed

Sylvia Tyson, Eric Weissberg, Happy Traum, The Roches, Biff Rose, Vince Martin, David Bromberg, Frank Christian, Jack Hardy, Bev Grant and 30 others played a 6 hour concert on a Monday night. Fact. Some of You missed it. 

Along the way, just weeks before the day of the show (June 7, 2010) Robbe asked me to call it off. Why...You ask?! (I think that's when I discovered a douchebag)

Thanks to me, I said no. The show was captured thanks to crowd funding.

He had it in mind to group together our efforts to get Folk City inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...the following year in 2011. He had it all planned out…. 

We're all still waiting. Fact. 

When, in 2012, I was organizing and hiring Mike Porco's friends (Tom Pacheco, David Amram, Danny Kalb, Steve Katz, David Massengill, Stefan Grossman) to perform at the famous Gaslight on Macdougal Street, I thought it would be ok to post some advance notice of MY monthly shows on Robbie's "official" Folk City page on Facebook. WRONG. Mike Porco's grandson was not welcome to post music shows. He didn't even accept a 'friend' request... Had some other douchebag email me to say that Mike shouldn't have a presence on FB. Two little pussy asses.

So Robbie blocked my ads. And he never supported one show. And he never helped spread the word. Must have been out of town for a year. And he was 'out of town' another year when I offered to drive to Long Island to meet him. He was out of town for the 50th Anniversary and I never met him in NYC at ANY concerts in support of his 'friends.' Facts. (Way to go!)

Finally, after 5 years of him avoiding me, we only first met June 15, 2015 at the FOLK CITY exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York. Mike Porco and the Gerde's Folk City of the 1960s is featured prominently for good reason. He did something special for 20 years. DOWN IN ONE PUNCH

The folks that closed Folk City, the Gaslight, the Commons…eh…not mentioned at all. Forgotten. Footnotes. Nice try but Mike Porco WAS AND IS Gerde's Folk City. "Gerde's Folk City" is a state of mind; a token memory of New York's golden age. The curator got this one right. The show is NOT called "New York and the Gaslight'' or ''Macdougal Street: New York and the Folk Boom.'' 

Gerde's Folk City- the imperial GerdesFolkCityTM- 
is not made in the image of the people who currently own the name.

The people who had the foresight (or is it just thievery?) to trademark the words "Gerdes Folk City" imagined that by Trademarking a state of mind and assuming the name would mean that all roads shall be paved through the trademarker and their business card. It doesn't. 

Mind boggling. 

Yeah. So enough about me. What  about YOU think about me? Do ya care?? You shouldn't. This is just a gripe being thrown into the public space if the interweb. Puking on the sidewalk, for your historical reference. 

Gerde's Folk City is reportedly re-opening, 25 years after being promised to the masses, somewhere in NYC, I'm told. (do not hold your breath) Best of luck selling enough beer and French fries to remain open in this town. I won't drop a dollah in the well. I ain't going. Won't put a Porco blessing upon it. I won't curse it or discourage others to go, but I don't want to go. robbie et al have made a slight name for themselves by being, probably the only ones, offering enough money in 1980 to pick up after Mike Porco. Where would they be without him, I wonder…. Same place they'll be without me, I guess: Living on LI pretending.

They may go down in history known as the folks to close Folk City, not once, but TWICE. I don't hope that's the case. It will be interesting to see if a buzz can be generated by the upstarts on the street now, but to succeed as a club owner, one needs to display unbridled love for the artists. (I'm still working on my BIG project to prove myself. You'll know it when you see it)

My impression of Rob, based on how he promised and never delivered money and recording rights to all of the participants of the 25th anniversary, is that he is a cheat and a liar with coward on top. 

I just don't see re-opening the Yankee Stadium of Greenwich Village after 30 years of not being in "on the street" at-ALL. (Tourist trap alert)

This reminds me of how, years after stopping production, the Volkswagen Bug was miraculously brought back from the dead. They put the engine up front, a flower holder built-in the dash, mass produced them in silly colors and sold them to little girls like a dirty peddler. Girls around the nation were able to get in touch with their hippie side. Does anyone take them seriously? Seriously?

I could go on. 

And I will. 

On my path. Starting after I publish this. I've already been there. I took the pledge to my own manifesto to support and promote music in the VEIN of Mike Porco. He wasn't an angel. But don't tell that to many of my current friends. He was/is loved. Fact.

My oath, taken to my daughter to provide a legacy of some sort, is routinely discussed with her. She knows my focus.

Beyond Angelina, my allegiance is only to Mike and the SCENEMAKERS of yesteryear. All others?,,,, drive on. 

Good luck to whom ever owns the rights to Folk City these days. It doesn't fucking matter to me and, I'm assuming, it doesn't matter to Porco's everywhere. 

Take a cursory glance at my entire blog and search the infinite space of the Internet. I've posted here along the way. You can see where I've been. I've been openly printing concert pictures, backstage shots and sometimes you'll get plans and ideas regurgitated here.

You will find Mike Porco's name in search engines more today than 5 years ago. Fact. Part of the mission.

Other people have pretended that Mike Porco hardly existed. They mention him in the most minimal way. It's insulting. If he were alive, he'd wonder WTF!

Keep searching. You'll see all the things I've done to support artists in and around New York. My mission is clear. Don't think for a minute that, in the vast uncertainty and wonder of this world and the cosmos surrounding, that I have the time to involve myself in a 'competition' to see who can support artists 'better' and show more respect to the greatest musicians in New York today. Mike Porco did his job. I'm DOING my job. Fact. Case closed. 

If someone should like to assume the identity of 'gerdes folk cityTM' and put it on their business card, HAVE AT IT, fuck you and good luck.


Apologies for diverting from the credo of "no fear, no meanness, no envy..."....Mike Porco didn't have a mean bone in his body. But I am not Mike Porco. 

Part of Robbie's resurgence is based around a theatrical play called HOOT. It's about the club. It's Fictitious but has historical references throughout. 

Mike Porco's part is acted and played with reverence by good friend Vincent Vok. Robbie said to me over the phone one day: It would be cool if you only could play guitar, I'd put you in the show.

Shows how much he knows about me. Every jerk I know already knows I'm a shitty guitar player. Drive on.

PS- Should I discover that Mike Porco's name or likeness is being used for capital gains at the ''new'' Folk City, I will NOT call a lawyer. I will personally come downtown and smack around the little bitches brash enough to try.