Saturday, October 14, 2023

Bones they got the marrow

Motion Suggests (Itself) on YouTube was recorded and published the day after a boyish fling at the Open Mic at The Towne Crier in Beacon. That night on October 12th I sang Galaxie by Blind Melon and Fell on Black Days by Soundgarden. I needed more practice on that instead of this latest Pavement song I've committed to. Even learned another solo. The other ten takes you'll never hear. Here is take eleven.

[Verse 1]
I traced my family lines

It ends up with a
Wave of passing grainy days

Forgetting she's away

Here's the straight and narrow:
Brought my wheelbarrow
And it's filled with the lies
And the dirt and the hurt

But I won't need someone to let me be
I won't need someone to let me be

[Verse 2]
I bought the cotton threads

And the voice could soothe you
Captivate your senses
Like a ginger ale rain

Bones they got the marrow

Curse the tainted pharaohs

Take off! Expect fun
You might learn how it runs

But I won't need someone to let me be
No, I won't need someone to let me be
No, I won't need someone to let me be

No, I won't need someone to let me go

Let me be

What could these items say about a guy?

Here's a companion video with the actual rendition of Fell on Black Days recorded at Phil Ciganer's place the other night. A little flat but OKay for Open Mic.

Boxing and a Soundgarden cover:

Sunday, October 1, 2023

DYLAN talk Rolling Thunder Part 1

Built in 2014, used as a naked base reel for another clip with images and music, held on tightly and stowed away in a harddrive, laying in wait for the right deal, THIS clip is mostly about how Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review began on Mike Porco's 61st birthday at Folk City.

Savvy tech peeps will recognize the reel as just the first layer saved from a video program unbothered by Ken Burns style images and copywritten music. It's youtube friendly. THANKS to Rob Stoner, Ratso Sloman, Angelo Porco and my dad RIP Bob Sr you have the whole story. Dan Behrman supplied the voice of Mike Porco. It's been a long time coming. Nine fookin years later, it sits. I'd like to give this and part 2 of 'Dylan talk assembly" away. The rest is for sale. In the words of David Bowie, "I can't give everything away." But wait, wait, there's more.  

The ending is a glowing description by Ratso and Stoner of Mike Porco the man, how they viewed him in history and how they felt about him. Three Cheers! 

The Fifth Peg: Izzy Young brings music to Gerde's Restaurant CLIP

 GREAT THANKS to Dan Behrman especially for the words of Mike Porco. Some thought the clips for the Folk City doc would never see the light of day. Well, here's some for ya. But wait, wait. There's more.

The Fifth Peg: Izzy Young brings music to Gerde's Restaurant 8 22 14

From Blog post 4.1.15: The legend is clear and well known. Izzy Young was the first to book acts at Gerde's for Mike Porco. Within 5 months, Izzy was out but not without providing the Village with Blues legends Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry for 5 of the last six weeks under Young. By May of 1960, Mike ran the show. He had help, though. Future music rep, Charlie Rothschild, and New York Times critic Bob Shelton were the ones to re-christen the club in June of 1960. The "Fifth Peg'' would now be known around town as Folk City. From Blog post 12.28.13 Back in early 1960, before Gerde's Folk City was 'Folk City' it was called 'The Fifth Peg,' a name given to the new venture/adventure between three relative strangers: Izzy Young, Tom Prendergast and Mike Porco. Mike owned the restaurant with the liquor license and Izzy and Tom were willing to book the musicians and take care of the door for evenings that Gerde's Restaurant would normally be closed. Before 'the rest became HISTORY' there was the matter of Izzy and Tom trying to turn a profit. This happened very infrequently, if at all. Mike Porco made out just fine. Not only was he selling the booze, but Gerde's was a fine Italian restaurant, to boot. Whatever Izzy promised the musicians in pay wasn't coming from him. It would come from the gate, which Izzy (bless him) counted to the PENNY! During our first physical meeting and discussion, Izzy G. Young could only recall in round numbers 'who and how much.' But between our first meeting and his most recent visit in June 2013, Izzy had found the actual ledger where he kept the most unbelievable record of the first 5 months of the club commonly known now as FOLK CITY. From Blog post 8.11.14: For those of you lucky enough to be within 100 miles of Ashokan, New York, you're invited to see a DIRECTOR'S CUT of Positively Porco on Friday, August 22nd at THE SUMMER HOOT. I'll be there showing a clip entitled ''THE FIFTH PEG: Izzy Young brings music to Gerde's Restaurant.'' I'm the 11:15 act. The entire lineup is right here. I'm honored to say that a couple of Mike Porco's friends will be performing that weekend. David Bromberg and John Cohen will be featured along with my friends and hosts Mike+Ruthy, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Robert Sarazin Blake, DB Leonard, Elizabeth Mitchell, Amy Helm and many others. 'The Hoot' series shows no signs of ever taking a hiatus. Here's another ground floor opportunity for you to experience a festival in its early years. Don't think twice!

Two Good Men Woody Guthrie Content found during: 7:06 - 9:43 No impact Torna a Surriento (Return To Sorrento) Instrumental Guitar Masters Content found during: 4:18 - 6:15 No impact Family Affair Sly & The Family Stone Content found during: 23:20 - 23:43 No impact Tryin' To Win (Album Version) Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee Content found during: 18:41 - 19:11 No impact Santy Anno Odetta Content found during: 20:09 - 21:20 No impact Satisfied Mind (Live At Newport) Joan Baez Content found during: 16:32 - 17:12