Sunday, February 9, 2014


LARRY ''RATSO'' SLOMAN joins me for a discussion about Gerde's Folk City and its notorious owner, Mike Porco. Footage will be added to the first documentary on GERDE'S FOLK CITY, Positively Porco.

Mr. Ratso's first novel is the stupendous and tremendous chronicle of the legendary 'ROLLING THUNDER REVUE' starring Bob Dylan and his troupe of troubadours. The book is the most intimate and complete account of how the tour developed and rolled on through the historic first leg. Near the end of the tome, Larry has included the most extensive interview with Mike Porco known to exist in print.

Ratso and Porco crossed paths backstage at Madison Square Garden during the 'Night of the Hurricane,' a concert devoted to springing Ruben Carter from jail for something he never done. It was a cause Bob Dylan was committed to which the book and song 'Hurricane' explains in full. He coulda been the champion of the world, ya know.

Nearly 5 pages of ON THE ROAD WITH BOB DYLAN was given to Mike Porco's conversation. In the background, the concert rages on. It's classic. Mike tells early stories of making sandwiches for the young Dylan and encouraging him to comb his hair once in a while. Mike tells the story of visiting Dylan in France where they shared some Father/Son moments. If you need confirmation from anyone that the two shared THAT kind of relationship, read the book.
Larry consults the Old Testament

Of course, the ROLLING THUNDER REVUE kicked off at Folk City on Mike Porco's 61st surprise birthday party on October 23rd 1975. Bob Dylan has footage and hundreds have the memory of the night. Ratso's book has it in black and white.

Our interview was conducted in the Village Underground, the space that was once Mike Porco's office at 130 W3rd Street. If walls could talk….

Incidentally, Ratso and I hung out 53 years to the date of Bob Dylan's first appearance on stage at the original W4th Street Gerde's. After proving to Mike that he was at least 18 years old, he played the HOOT. You may know the rest.


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  1. I really love all these posts and man..tons of history here when it all began!!!! Thank you Bob Porco for giving to those of us who wanted so much to be a part of all this but were to young!!!!! Amazing!!!!