Sunday, February 16, 2014


            It's gonna be tough to top my good fortune this weekend. Wise Elder and generous host, Sonny Ochs, welcomed me to a far away land over the hills and through the woods. There, a happily situated cabin was the setting for another interview to be seen in the upcoming documentary POSITIVELY PORCO. It's about Gerde's Folk City and Sonny has a long history there.

           One might say her 'career' began there as an organizer of shows, volunteer extraordinaire and keeper of the flame. She began hosting tribute shows for her late, great brother Phil at Folk City in the early 80s and ever since, she's been a staple at Folk gatherings all over the Northeast and beyond.

           Apart from the interview, Sonny and I shared down-home time together off camera. I was more than happy to offer some manual labor (shoveling and cooking) in return for her letting me have a gander at some of Phil Ochs' personal items. I also got to play her guitar which was the last guitar played by Phil. It was also played by a few of his friends since 1976.

           Sonny wasn't the only personality I spoke with on film. Peggy Duncan worked for Mike Porco as a barista on 4th Street and then extensively at the second location on West 3rd. She also worked for Robbie Woliver who bought Folk City from Mike and for her loyal service, she was rewarded with some pretty cool artifacts. (see below)

           So as I said, the vibes were in rare form these past 24 hours. I played a guitar played by Phil Ochs and held the original signage from outside of the original Gerde's. I have no doubt things only become more fun and exciting going forward because that's the way it's been. But today…priceless.


How one stays young
Sonny showed me the path

The 'Phil drawer'
Sonny and Peggy:
a garage somewhere in upstate NY

'Says it all'

Close enough to visit

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