Thursday, May 22, 2014


Someone write 500 words and get it printed and I will stoop to pay you, ben franklin!
The Village Voice will do. Those raggy tabloids on the subway, too. 

One mention of POSITIVELY PORCO in print or internet headline, gets you and your friends one hundred smackeroos.


I'm not an honest blogger.
I mean, I AM. Whoever you are (and where ever the 330 million readers of my blog are) I definitely tell you what's on my mind and what's going on with the Folkies on the street,

It's just that I'm not there. I'm not even here. I'm not online at all. I'm on a train writing this…or is it the potty? But if I'm there, how can I be here? 

I'm emailing myself on a smartphone. Then I cut and paste on the blog and dash.

It's digital masturbation. After the cut and paste, I click "share" to Facecrook or Tweeter and it goes from the train directly to the NSA and 7 billion folk music fans.

And I ask now for little something.

NUMERO UNO: Always, have a gander at my past posts, please. I have a lot of cool pictures here. Enjoy.

BUT also, please "share" with the button in the top right screen or cut and paste the address for this blog in a text or email to a friend or whom ever. (They will want to see this if they like music).

AND lastly,
Please note and please try to make your way to Woodstock Wednesday May 28th at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation. Address is here: wjc

Cantor Bob Cohen, of the New World Singers fame, will be concluding his special lecture series with a get together with ORIGINAL bandmates Happy Traum and Delores Dixon.

This doesn't happen often, I can assure you.

And I'll be giving a free sneak peak of over 20 minutes of my film POSITIVELY PORCO.
11am class. Wednesday morning.

The film is getting done. Come and see the progress in a short video about Izzy, Mike and The Fifth Peg.

Importantly!!! THE NEW WORLD SINGERS will be together again. Today they're considered Folks that helped carve the way forward.

(I still need press! Bad press, good press, don't matter. Write a review. Get it print. I'll pay you for it. How's that? If not I'll do what I always do….ghostwrite)

Thank you!

Please take a look at the official trailer for POSITIVELY PORCO- the definitive documentary on Gerde's Folk City.

PS- There will be OTHER sneak peaks for POSITIVELY PORCO this Summer. MIKE AND RUTHY'S HOOT series of Folk fiestas in Ashokan, will be receiving a sneak peak at over 45 minutes of 'final draft' cuts. That is worth the publicity. get some

Saturday, May 10, 2014


I hung out with Stoner
on the 9th day of May
I knew right away
he was not

Many great tales and stories were offered by Mr. Rothstein. I shared a few of my own with him since he was very curious about his old friend, Mike Porco.

Apart from details from the early 70s at Gerde's and some fun anecdotes about being the bandleader (that's right, bandleader) of the Rolling Thunder Revue, the most intriguing tidbit to me was that Rob quite possibly created the word 'stoner.' It wasn't part of the lexicon yet when he changed his stage name to sound more like a rocker. The irony is that his birthday is 4.20 before 420 became a de-facto holiday and street code for a certain botanical herb….coincidence? yeah right!

Rob has chops. He gave me a brief lesson. Lots of fun was had talking about good ol' Folk City. Clips will be seen in the upcoming documentary about my grandfather's place called POSITIVELY PORCO. It's shaping up nicely. It's due out next year. BE SURE TO GO SEE IT!!! Like Rob and I, you might learn something.

Monday, May 5, 2014


In haste, I drop off 50 digital memories from Saturday night, May 3, 2014.

Happy Traum, extraordinaire everything, MC'd ''Sound Out for Pete'' at the Bearsville  Theater.

A collection of American gemstones gathered for a never lonesome tribute to the life of Manhood Hall of Famer, Pete Seeger.

He inspired and mentored millions of musicians yet was able to simultaneously leave them in the dust as an activist, working until his last breath.

May 3rd was the first May 3rd without Pete in 95 years. His Woodstock friends performed a sold out  show to benefit a Woodstock schoolhouse.

Everyone was treated to an enormous treat. My role for the evening was to snap a few shots. I'm sharing them now and then retreating back to the Gerde's documentary, POSITIVELY PORCO.

It's got me on the run. Which is a good thing.

I'll be giving a sneak peak May 28th at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation. Cantor Bob Cohen of New World Singers fame is teaching a class and asked if I would show a clip. I will on May 28th. 11AM.
more on that later. or not

So here are the uncaptioned pix.
Thank you Blues Hall of Famer HAPPY TRAUM for being one of the few who can actually hold a candle to Pete.

In these Pix…
Happy Traum, Larry Campbell, Cindy Cashdollar, Elizabeth Mitchell, Jay Ungar, Molly Mason, David Amram, Amy Helm, Eric Weissberg, AC Newman, Josh Ritter, Tracy Bonham, Adrien Reju