Saturday, September 3, 2016

JAKOB DYLAN and the Wallflowers in Bearsville

September 2, 2016

PORCO and DYLAN 2016

In the FLESH

Bob Porco, Jakob Dylan
(photo Susan Mayorga)

Mike Porco, Bob Dylan 1980
(photo Vanessa Galanti)

THE WALLFLOWERS rocked Bearsville Theater. 
Connections were made.
That is all.
Carry on.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

HASHTAG your way to freedom with a #SONGCONTEST

Sept 1 2016
HOMELAND SECURITY to …ahem, oversee the 2016 elections.
NOT a Nazi headline from 1933.
For those who fear the installment of EITHER presidential candidate, your worries are over!
Das Homeland will now count, or maybe NOT count our votes for us. Thank goodness I don't vote. Whew

must be seen to sense our mutual situation

Our RIGHT TO POSSESS opinions as citizens, however, is nearing extinction if we let them get away with much more of this shit.

#savefreespeech #FREESPEECH #notin2016 #diebold #dieboldmachines #stolenelections #censorship #disenfranchised #presidentialSelections #CFR 

The Protest of Homeland stealing the vote

If you trust them, I have a bridge nearby to show you.

Isreal Goodman Young saved free speech once
(photo Dave Peller)


A #SONGCONTEST I have running…?

Vinyl pressing of your song is the prize.

conceptualized for the purpose of promoting #UNITY and #FREESPEECH  

Unity for all people, not just the psychopaths running 'things.'

Mike was my grandfather and is well remembered by artists in #WashingtonSquare for supporting the talents of the best musicians to ever stroll through #GreenwichVillage. 

The rules for the contest are posted here:

Begun on August 7, the rules were limiting to bands or duos only.
NOW I'm calling out and including
ANY musician with a shred of human pride and dignity
to write an original song and inspire communication between the People. 

When the citizens talk, 'They' lose.
The day we come together is the day WE win.

A future of peace, love, unity and a whole lotta music sounds nice. Make it happen.

ALL musicians keen on saving and preserving #FREESPEECH in the USA are eligible to write a song about it.

Use it or lose it.

Song must be:
1. Original
2. About #UNITY

Send demo to
Winner announced at 
Winner gets to press their song onto

Get to work