Thursday, November 18, 2021


November 19th = Nov 6 - 11.6 Mirror flip : 11.6.21 6.11.21

(19 less 13 days=6th) 11.19.21 19.11.21 

19th=Full Moon - Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 1st in a century and the last for nearly 900 years. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021


 On facebook today, I posted something after having a flash of a memory. 

The Saturday before 11.11.11
I went to David Amram's birthday concert with Vince Martin
who could not march down town with Seeger, Arlo, Amram and Chapin.
A couple days later, I met Joan Baez. 
Simpler times. Occupy was raging.
Kids had normal lives.
They are all fucked right now.
Save them now.

Does it matter that my Facebook post gets seen? Does it matter that I WON'T link this blog to ''my grandfather's'' facebook pages? I'm the sole admin. It doesn't matter how many likes or hits this gets.

Does the plea matter? Look him up on facebook. Mike Porco, The Dean of Folk City. My request is there. Please come back, Baez, to be a voice. 

I do not speak for Mike. I speak for me and my times. Could he have pictured business in the city LARGELY shut down? What would he say? I know only how I feel about it.


I'm asking Joan Baez (or just plain anyone major) to come back to NYC and save the children.

They are being asked to sacrifice more at the alter of covid closures and bottlenecks.

The current mayor is requesting that 5-11 year olds show 'papers' or proof of their vaxx. Sound eerily familiar. Don't lie to yourself. NAZI tactics based on fear can lead to.... Their survival rate is 99.998%. Wake up.

I used to care what the reader here thinks but things have changed. 


The kids are not losing their friends, they have ALREADY lost their friends.

They have already lost their socialization skills. They have lost precious education and development of all kinds. Social contact, speech, sports outlets, music skills, language. Five to eleven year olds? If one of you dare say 'it's to stop the spread'.....I swear.....

One. One visit.

Joan Baez (my chance 11.11.2011 meeting with her at Foley Square) is an example. I do indeed beg her specifically to return to NYC NOW to make one appearance. One.



OCCUPY Wall Street
Ancient history.
In the distant past, New Yorkers gave a shit
and defended their future.

But it could be anyone. One super star. One. If one were to come and stand up against the irrational claim that schools must remain limited and segregated, it would ALL be over.

''All of what?"

ALL OF THIS BAD ENERGY forcing businesses to close and bow to corporate rule.

Kid have lost their TEACHERS. Let it sink in!

LOST TEACHERS. Not from an illness but from a man-made decree. (not a law) No jab, no job. Starve to death, and sacrifice the children's abilities and education.

For those who have not been in NYZ recently, let me tell you, the rats are growing up to beaver size.

The garbage is piling up and the garbage men are calling in sick in opposition of mandates.

The crime is random and wild and the cops are calling in sick in opposition of the mandates. Thousands of protectors have retired early in 2020 and 2021.

The fires are responded to in much slower time because of the closure of many fire houses. Thousands of protectors have retired early in 2020 and 2021.

Children have already died in fires near closed fire houses. Elderly are being beaten. People of all ages are being pushed into the subway tracks. Children (teens) cannot be out together or alone at night. It's risky. Shall I go on? The homeless, the grime, the boarded up ex-businesses, the empty streets....

New Yorkers reading this and denying this list can fuck off because that's what New Yorkers who don't see the obvious should do. Fuck right off. Defend your city. Stand up or fuck off.

Crossing the street is risky. But reopening schools and allowing the city to function will only lead to true normalcy. It's not risky to anyone's health. Your definition of 'new normal' may also fuck right off with you. The IQ of the world's children has crashed. 

This city needs to breathe again and live. If not, it will die on its knees.

If not Baez, then who?

If not a music superstar, then what industry star? Basketball? Hollywood? It's too easy to 'cancel' any one on earth. Politicians won't stand up in Foley Square and demand a lifting of all mandates because they WANT TIGHTER CONTROL. It's their reason for living.

Does it matter? Should the children have friends and social groups? Should the children know what their parents look like without a mask halfway on? Shouldn't they?

If a superstar stood tall- one superstar on one grand day- this travesty would be declared over by the people. Together we would figure out how. If any one here says...''bbbbut infection...''... you have a real problem.

If not now, when?