Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Folk City memories mailed con seis cervezas

I damn near said get yer mammaries sent in the mail but no.
The UPS guy came through today for a thirsty brother. I received a warm 6 of 7% IPA (not that higher ETOH content matters) along with my very first tee from my virtual store.
Link here:
When I buy my own stuff, it turns out to be a few dollars off my own purchase but for you, you get a tee and I receive a few residual dollars in some PayPal sort-a way. 
It is worth the trouble for me to share these unique patterns and symbolic shirts because there is no inventory or 'store' for me to open and close. I can assure you that 100% of the proceeds are 100% guaranteed to go to feed the mouths of hungry children. 

And let's be honest, the six pack is a representation of the total profits so far. Since it is in honor of my grandfather's bar,  I thought it was appropriate. Chin Chin!
By the way, this 21st amendment IPA is highly recommended if you like your beer with a little burnt cauliflower flavor. So fucking good. 

CHECK OUT THE Store and see the designs. It's mostly ads from the Village Voice featuring Mike Porco's favorite sons and shows recorded there. See for yourself.
Help out. Show your pride. Get some beer. 
When that foot of pride come down ain't no going back.

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