Thursday, November 18, 2021


November 19th = Nov 6 - 11.6 Mirror flip : 11.6.21 6.11.21

(19 less 13 days=6th) 11.19.21 19.11.21 

19th=Full Moon - Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 1st in a century and the last for nearly 900 years. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021


 On facebook today, I posted something after having a flash of a memory. 

The Saturday before 11.11.11
I went to David Amram's birthday concert with Vince Martin
who could not march down town with Seeger, Arlo, Amram and Chapin.
A couple days later, I met Joan Baez. 
Simpler times. Occupy was raging.
Kids had normal lives.
They are all fucked right now.
Save them now.

Does it matter that my Facebook post gets seen? Does it matter that I WON'T link this blog to ''my grandfather's'' facebook pages? I'm the sole admin. It doesn't matter how many likes or hits this gets.

Does the plea matter? Look him up on facebook. Mike Porco, The Dean of Folk City. My request is there. Please come back, Baez, to be a voice. 

I do not speak for Mike. I speak for me and my times. Could he have pictured business in the city LARGELY shut down? What would he say? I know only how I feel about it.


I'm asking Joan Baez (or just plain anyone major) to come back to NYC and save the children.

They are being asked to sacrifice more at the alter of covid closures and bottlenecks.

The current mayor is requesting that 5-11 year olds show 'papers' or proof of their vaxx. Sound eerily familiar. Don't lie to yourself. NAZI tactics based on fear can lead to.... Their survival rate is 99.998%. Wake up.

I used to care what the reader here thinks but things have changed. 


The kids are not losing their friends, they have ALREADY lost their friends.

They have already lost their socialization skills. They have lost precious education and development of all kinds. Social contact, speech, sports outlets, music skills, language. Five to eleven year olds? If one of you dare say 'it's to stop the spread'.....I swear.....

One. One visit.

Joan Baez (my chance 11.11.2011 meeting with her at Foley Square) is an example. I do indeed beg her specifically to return to NYC NOW to make one appearance. One.



OCCUPY Wall Street
Ancient history.
In the distant past, New Yorkers gave a shit
and defended their future.

But it could be anyone. One super star. One. If one were to come and stand up against the irrational claim that schools must remain limited and segregated, it would ALL be over.

''All of what?"

ALL OF THIS BAD ENERGY forcing businesses to close and bow to corporate rule.

Kid have lost their TEACHERS. Let it sink in!

LOST TEACHERS. Not from an illness but from a man-made decree. (not a law) No jab, no job. Starve to death, and sacrifice the children's abilities and education.

For those who have not been in NYZ recently, let me tell you, the rats are growing up to beaver size.

The garbage is piling up and the garbage men are calling in sick in opposition of mandates.

The crime is random and wild and the cops are calling in sick in opposition of the mandates. Thousands of protectors have retired early in 2020 and 2021.

The fires are responded to in much slower time because of the closure of many fire houses. Thousands of protectors have retired early in 2020 and 2021.

Children have already died in fires near closed fire houses. Elderly are being beaten. People of all ages are being pushed into the subway tracks. Children (teens) cannot be out together or alone at night. It's risky. Shall I go on? The homeless, the grime, the boarded up ex-businesses, the empty streets....

New Yorkers reading this and denying this list can fuck off because that's what New Yorkers who don't see the obvious should do. Fuck right off. Defend your city. Stand up or fuck off.

Crossing the street is risky. But reopening schools and allowing the city to function will only lead to true normalcy. It's not risky to anyone's health. Your definition of 'new normal' may also fuck right off with you. The IQ of the world's children has crashed. 

This city needs to breathe again and live. If not, it will die on its knees.

If not Baez, then who?

If not a music superstar, then what industry star? Basketball? Hollywood? It's too easy to 'cancel' any one on earth. Politicians won't stand up in Foley Square and demand a lifting of all mandates because they WANT TIGHTER CONTROL. It's their reason for living.

Does it matter? Should the children have friends and social groups? Should the children know what their parents look like without a mask halfway on? Shouldn't they?

If a superstar stood tall- one superstar on one grand day- this travesty would be declared over by the people. Together we would figure out how. If any one here says...''bbbbut infection...''... you have a real problem.

If not now, when? 

Friday, October 8, 2021


bob asks Bob vid to Dylan

The above youtube link is all you need to know. 

While doing my laundry, it came to me. Ask Bob to call Angelina. If Grandpa were alive I'd have to ask him for a favor. Do it now. Make a video. Upload it while everything is in the dryer. 

My dear Mom and sister...they have also been in lessening contact with my girl. Not many comms.

I asked a family friend to call to no avail. If Dylan won't maybe Feliciano might because Phil cannot. Those would be the three Kings I could think of. I'd rather bring gifts to them than ask a favor. This may only take a moment of their day. 🙏🏼 I'd reach out to Baez but that would be too much. 

Lesson. I'm learning a lesson. That must be it. 

And that may be: Live life. Be there for your child. Pray for her protection. Because that's what works.

But if you'd like to get a lifetime of brownie points with your child, ask Bob. ❤️

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Folk City memories mailed con seis cervezas

I damn near said get yer mammaries sent in the mail but no.
The UPS guy came through today for a thirsty brother. I received a warm 6 of 7% IPA (not that higher ETOH content matters) along with my very first tee from my virtual store.
Link here:
When I buy my own stuff, it turns out to be a few dollars off my own purchase but for you, you get a tee and I receive a few residual dollars in some PayPal sort-a way. 
It is worth the trouble for me to share these unique patterns and symbolic shirts because there is no inventory or 'store' for me to open and close. I can assure you that 100% of the proceeds are 100% guaranteed to go to feed the mouths of hungry children. 

And let's be honest, the six pack is a representation of the total profits so far. Since it is in honor of my grandfather's bar,  I thought it was appropriate. Chin Chin!
By the way, this 21st amendment IPA is highly recommended if you like your beer with a little burnt cauliflower flavor. So fucking good. 

CHECK OUT THE Store and see the designs. It's mostly ads from the Village Voice featuring Mike Porco's favorite sons and shows recorded there. See for yourself.
Help out. Show your pride. Get some beer. 
When that foot of pride come down ain't no going back.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2021


 Welp. I've sold hats, chip clips, posters and cheap concert tees without a digital store. Now I offer you a selection of unique and lovely premium tees. More tees and long sleeves added soon! 

Be recognized by these exclusive and unique Tees. Show your support and spread the word about the world renown Folk Music Cabaret and Home to every Greenwich Village standout, Gerde's Folk City. Many friends of Mike Porco shot on to stardom. His good deeds and connections helped shape the sound of American Music history.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

GERDES UNIVERSITY- School of Thinkers reimagined


My impression (part) of who was passing through the original W4th Street Gerde's Folk City during the 1960s. Too many to adequately mention. None forgotten. Second location and 1970s not included here. (Yes, the Roches duo played West 4th!)

Rafael painted the original fresco in 1509 called School of Athens. (Forgive me John Sebastian and a thousand others for not getting ya in there)

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Chapter 72

I found a profound lesson about life in Moby Dick in Chapter 72. 

Reading on a train just south of Tarrytown, NY. 

(Yes. That’s an unseen photo of Grampa Mike Porco at 130 W. 3rd St Tony Pastor’s late 1960s. 

Mike was connected to Gerde’s by a monkey rope. I’m connected to Mike’s deeds. Sonny Ochs is connected to her brother. Sharon D’Lugoff is tied to The Village Gate. Which one is here on earth grinding away? Which one is standing on the ship steadfastly holding on and which one is toiling on the captured game, splashing about with sharks at the ankle? I’ll let you know when I find out. Make your own determination🙏🏼)

The Monkey-rope. 

“There is no staying in one place; for at one and the same time everything has to be done everywhere.”

“The poor harpooner flounders about, half on the whale and half in the water....the vast mass revolves like a treadmill beneath him.”

“The monkey-rope was fast to his canvas belt and to my leather one. It was humorously perilous business for us both.”

“So strongly and metaphysically did I conceive of my situation, that while earnestly watching his motions...that my free will had received a mortal wound ; and that another’s mistake or misfortune might plunge innocent me into unmerited disaster and death.”

“And yet still further pondering, I say, I saw that this situation of mine was the precise situation of every mortal that breathes. 

If your banker breaks, you snap; if your apothecary by mistake sends you poison in your pills, you die.”

“By exceeding caution, you may possibly escape these and the multitudinous other evil chances in life. But handle the harpooner’s monkey-rope heedfully as I would, sometimes he jerked it so, that I came very near sliding overboard. I only had the management of one end of it.”

*The monkey-rope is found in all whaling ships in order to afford the imperiled harpooner the strongest possible guarantee for the faithfulness and vigilance of his monkey-rope holder

“Unappalled by the massacre during the night, the sharks now freshly and more keenly allured...swarmed round the carcass like bees in a beehive. The harpooner often pushed them aside with his floundering feet. 

Suspended over the side, the hands continually flourished over his head a couple of keen whale-spades, wherewith they slaughtered as many sharks as they could reach. This procedure of theirs was disinterested and benevolent of them....those indiscreet spades of theirs would come nearer amputating a leg than a tail. 

But the harpooner, I suppose, only prayed to his Yojo, and gave up his life into the hands of the gods.”

“But courage! There is good cheer in store for you.”



Monday, June 14, 2021


 Foot of Pride


Like the lion tears the flesh off of a man

So can a woman who passes herself off as a male

They sang "Danny Boy" at his funeral and the Lord's Prayer

Preacher talking 'bout Christ betrayed

It's like the earth just opened and swallowed him up

He reached too high, was thrown back to the ground

You know what they say about bein' nice to the right people on the way up

Sooner or later you gonna meet them comin' down

Well, there ain't no goin' back when your foot of pride come down

Ain't no goin' back

Hear ya got a brother named James, don't forget faces or names

Sunken cheeks and his blood is mixed

He looked straight into the sun and said revenge is mine

But he drinks, and drinks can be fixed

Sing me one more song, about ya love me to the moon and the stranger

And your fall by the sword love affair with Erroll Flynn

in these times of compassion when conformity's in fashion

Say one more stupid thing to me before the final nail is driven in.

Well, there ain't no goin' back when your foot of pride come down

Ain't no goin' back

There's a retired businessman named Red, cast down from heaven and he's out of his head

He feeds off of everyone that he can touch

He said he only deals in cash or sells tickets to a plane crash

He's not somebody that you play around with much

Miss Delilah is his, a Philistine is what she is

She'll do wondrous works with your fate

Feed you coconut bread, spice buns in your bed

If you don't mind sleepin' with your head face down in a grave.

Well, there ain't no goin' back when your foot of pride come down

Ain't no goin' back

Well they'll choose a man for you to meet tonight

You'll play the fool and learn how to walk through doors

How to enter into the gates of paradise

No, how to carry a burden too heavy to be yours

Yeah, from the stage they'll be tryin' to get water outta rocks

A whore will pass the hat, collect a hundred grand and say thanks

They like to take all this money from sin, build big universities to study in

Sing "Amazing Grace" all the way to the Swiss banks

Well, there ain't no goin' back when your foot of pride come down

Ain't no goin' back

They got some beautiful people out there, man

They can be a terror to your mind and show you how to hold your tongue

They got mystery written all over their forehead

They kill babies in the crib and say only the good die young

They don't believe in mercy

Judgment on them is something that you'll never see

They can exalt you up or bring you down main route

Turn you into anything that they want you to be

Well, there ain't no goin' back when your foot of pride come down

Ain't no goin' back

Yes, I guess I loved him too

I can still see him in my mind climbin' that hill

Did he make it to the top, well he probably did and dropped

Struck down by the strength of the will

Ain't nothin' left here partner, just the dust of a plague that has left this whole town afraid

From now on, this'll be where you're from

Let the dead bury the dead. Your time will come

Let hot iron blow as he raised the shade

Well, there ain't no goin' back when your foot of pride come down

Ain't no goin' back

Saturday, June 12, 2021


Emergency Broadcast System

Civil unrest coming

Birds resting on the lawn


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


Civil unrest coming


O, God of earth and altar
Bow down and hear our cry
Our earthly rulers falter
Our people drift and die
The walls of gold entomb us
The swords of scorn divide
Take not thy thunder from us
Take away our pride

[Verse 1]
Just a babe in a black abyss
No reason for a place like this
The walls are cold and souls cry out in pain
An easy way for the blind to go
A clever path for the fools who know
The secret of the hanged man, the smile on his lips

The light of the blind, you'll see
The venom tears my spine
The eyes of the Nile are opening, you'll see

[Verse 2]
She came to me with a serpent's kiss
As the eye of the sun rose on her lips
Moonlight catches silver tears that I cry
So we lay in a black embrace
And the seed is sown in a holy place
And I watched and I waited for the dawn, oh

The light of the blind, you'll see
The venom tears my spine
The eyes of the Nile are opening, you'll see

[Verse 3]
Bind all of us together
Ablaze with hope and free
No storm or heavy weather
Will rock the boat you'll see
The time has come to close your eyes
And still the wind and rain
For the one who will be king
The watcher in the ring
It is you, oh
It is you
It is you
~Bruce Dickenson 

Social benefits and care for everyone in society will become the new moral and political norms.

The intrinsic value of human life will become primary. A more humanistic and equal era is ahead, where the voice of the normal people (Aquarius) will be the real power, and not those who have the money and resources as it has been in the last (240 years).

The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind

Friday, April 9, 2021

American Songbook Jolted Into Being 60 Years Ago

A lot of earth altering events happened in 1961.

Two of them happened in Washington Square Village.

1. Israel G. Young saved the Free Speech rights for singers on Sunday April 9, 1961.

2. Bob Dylan began his professional career two days later at Gerde’s Folk City. 

His rise to success lured millions of free thinkers and musical poets to Gerde’s including Phil Ochs who, IMO, stands as one of two people at the top as rightful representatives of the gold standard in the singer songwriting genre. (Woody is King)


April 11 is one of the most historic dates in Gerde’s Folk City history. There have been many.

Without an opening act involved, 4/11 would merely be looked back on as ‘one of the many bookings for Blues great John Lee Hooker at Gerde’s.’

Instead, the opening act claimed the date for his story.

Simply stated, Bob Dylan has been a pro musician for a full 60 years.

Or right around this date. 

I write this on the 8th, (Published on the 9th) by my estimation and avid research, April 6, 7 or 8 was the day Mike Porco took Young Bobby to the Union Hall to join the Musician’s Local 802.

The story itself is the legend. 

The act of Co-Signing as Bob Dylan’s stand-in father is THE lifelong legend of my grandfather, Mike. His act is still known by those ‘who know’ as the legendary action that flipped the switch on the 1960s.

Actually, my humble opinion is that Izzy Young and Mike Porco flipped the switch “on”  for the 1960s in December 1959 when they installed a PA at Gerde’s.

To say ‘the proof is in the pudding’ is trite yet true. I rather like to point out that EVERY KNOWN AMERICAN STYLE of acoustic Roots and Traditional music was welcomed and stirred up in a great big pot at Gerde’s Restaurant. From that open door came the open mic, invented in May 1960 by Mike, Oscar Brand and Charlie Rothschild. 

Beyond there lies the answer to the question: How did all the Roots, Blues and Trad Folk music blend with rock and roll to become the sound of the 1960s?

The musicians learned from each other by being there together. They created something of their own week after week as if in a lab. They took the sound to the West Coast to make it groovy. The ingredients for story-telling Rock crossed the pond, came back, went forth and traveled around the world only to come back electric.

And that brings us to now. Thank my Grampa. And Izzy Young. Thank you, guys!

Along the way, Gerde’s had to make money to stay open. If it had closed or failed, I’d be blogging about something else right now. However, Mike and his younger brothers John and Luigi were able to remain open by selling GOOD Italian food, beer and wine. And cola for 15cents.

That gave rise to the next 60 years of original royal American music. Gerde’s gave a platform to working musicians pouring in to New York City week after week to perform at a City-sanctioned cabaret. Like they say, you can’t fake original.

Everybody got $90 for the week of play. Trio or solo act, $90. Later Mike would cut advertising costs off the top for your convenience. The price of exposure and potential had infinite value to the young musicians. For the Blues guys and Gospel Families, they needed more than $90 in addition to the hospitality. But, it all worked out in the end. And without question, meals and wine were provided for individuals and groups who could put fannies in the seats.

During the early days of Folk City, a blend of many new and seasoned musicians worked and performed there. When ’1960’ comes to mind I think Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry, Oscar Brand, Eric Weissberg, Bruce Langhorne, Joan Baez, Logan English, Brother John Sellers, Carolyn Hester, Pete Yarrow, Vince Martin, Cisco Houston, Rev Gary Davis and Dave Van Ronk amongst many others. Even Ramblin Jack Elliott returned from Europe and opened for The Stevens Gospel Singers. Ed McCurdy and Brother John were the first official acts. The Clancy Brothers gained American fame shortly after. 

The august audience is known only in legend. Louis Armstrong, Mahalia Jackson, Diahann Carroll, Theo Bikel, Pete Seeger and all curious poets and Bluesmen from MacDougal St. Jac Holtzman, John Hammond and Maynard Solomon were scouting. Albert Grossman visited. People like John Cohen, Happy Traum, Alan Arkin, Ralph Rinzler, Dick Weissman, John Herald, Tom Pasley, Tom Paxton, Bill Keith, Mike Seeger and Gil Turner split time on stage and as patrons. Bruce Langhorne is worth mentioning again as he was the one man house band. Played with everyone. Had half a right thumb.

Paul Simon and Artie mostly came to watch. Sometimes they would be asked to do a tune but they were not polished yet. They mostly watched the show soon deciding to go pro on that stage years later, also. 

Hanging around listening in through the window for free was Barry Kornfeld, Suze Rotolo and Peter Stampfel. Other kids from the local streets knew what was happening at Gerde's. John P. Hammond, John Sebastian and their buddies came around before they were mature enough to go inside.

Now that I’ve described 1960….

Along came 1961 AD. 

Having expert knowledge of Gerde’s history, when I think of ‘1961,’ the first  name act that comes to mind is…Judy Collins. Second, only a two weeks behind, is Bob Dylan. Later that month was Cisco Houston’s last gig ever. Sharing the stage was Arlo Guthrie in his first official appearance on stage at age 13. Hands of Arlo were young and shaking.

Of course, we can’t forget Bob opened for John Lee Hooker on April 11th. Mike Porco and Hooker remained life long friends. John Lee paid Mike a late-in-life hospital visit in Florida. 


“Oh yes, yes, man! Yes, man! Thanks!”

According to Ratso, that’s what Bob said when Mike asked him if he’d like to warm up for John Lee Hooker in late March ’61.

Dylan was hanging around Gerde’s all the time. Mike fed him when he heard Bob’s stomach rumble. He played the Hoots (open mic) like religion on Mondays. Van Ronk’s wife Terri Thal was asking around town trying to get Dylan a paying job singing. Several people were encouraging Bob to ask Mike for work. At the same time, several people were asking Mike to hire Bob. It was a standoff for a moment in time. Dylan never asked for work but Mike Porco DID. Very unorthodox for the time, no amateur waited for the owners of clubs to ask them to get hired. Mike gave Bob some of Uncle Angelo’s lightly worn clothes.

In the case of getting work, Dylan had help from music fan and reviewer for the New York Times Robert Shelton. He was also encouraging Mike to hire Bobby. Shelton was a patron and fan of Folk City from day one. He and Mike were also friends at the bar. (Did I mention that Gerde’s had a liquor license? Coffee houses had much less benefit for musicians getting paid from the hat. Night business included alcohol. Alcohol kept the doors open and the music playing until the wee hours) Shelton’s review of Dylan’s Sept 1961 show put him on the map and got him signed with Columbia. 


To finish the thought that started this blog post I must say that I did rifle through many boxes of documents at the Bobst Library at NYU, on the south border of Washington Square Park. 

The boxes were haphazardly cared for, in no order and sparse in content. Yet I filed through all the pages IN SEARCH OF the document signed on either April 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th. One of those days, I thought, but I couldn’t find the sheet. I knew going in to the library that the signed page may have been recovered by someone (perhaps Robert Zimmerman) in any number of years past but I looked anyway. 

Some books speculate that the sign up was various dates however the guy at the Bobst made me believe that it was the 6th. I’ll buy that. He happened to be a Dylan fan and had given this some thought in the past. It was a Thursday in 1961. Not Saturday the 8th or Sunday the 9th (closed office) but it’s possible.


Bob Dylan went pro on Tuesday the 11th of April 1961. Can’t forget that part! Volumes have been written about the significance and influence of his subsequent cannon of work. It had to start with step one: Union dues and Cabaret Card to perform in NYC. (The dues were fronted in cash by Mike and later deducted from Dylan's pay along with his drink tab) If one happened to be underage, one's mom, dad or favorite Porco must sign along as one's legal guardian. It’s not quite a legal adoption, but it counts in my mind. (Don’t forget your nephew Bob, Bob)

Bob Zimmerman saw a life changing opportunity forming for him. It was in New York, at Gerde’s Folk City. He was in the mid-West. Mr. Z took the action to GO and watch and learn from all the masters in New York. Woody was a draw to NYC, yes, but a job puts food in the ice box. American Roots and Blues Music was already being mushed together before he arrived. There was no where else in America to be for ambitious amateur musicians. Sixty years on, almost 80 years old sits Bob, still adding to the body of work.

Hibbing, MN
Go east, young man.

Recently unearthed photo of Bob Dylan
Gerde's 1961
(Thx Uli Seitz)