Thursday, March 26, 2015


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man who brought music to GERDE'S FOLK CITY

There's a man named Israel G
He descended upon the Village from the Bronx
His store fit inside a glove

He bequeathed his opinions
and told endless tales
He resides in a century beyond us
and all the decades past

Like Santa or Johnny Appleseed
He relayed music as his gift to millions
Born to be remembered


Here are some pictures I look at often… Part of the Gerde's Folkumentary® called……..


Dear Ol' Stockholm
Steve Kaiser Quartet

Thursday, March 5, 2015

PETER, SUSAN and a guy named DAVE

House concert at Peter Yarrow's home in NYC, 3.4.15
Starring Bethany and Rufus, Peter Yarrow

In my own, sometimes tedious and mostly comical, foray into 'crowd sourcing,' I've attracted funds from supporters. Three folks, who funded the last 'rocket hub' fiscal push, were named Peter Yarrow, Susan and Dave. Three…. (all friends)

It was a no-brainer to return the favor and donate to his daughter and Rufus in their effort. I preach, ''SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS'' to others, so I did. I bought a ticket to a house concert and their new CD.

Peter supported me with currency, but he didn't have to. I mean, part of my movie is about his involvement with Folk City. The artists shouldn't pay for a movie about themselves, but he felt differently.

I could never repay Peter Yarrow. He has been donating strong words of encouragement to me in kind letters since I met him and told him of my intentions to craft a story about Mike Porco. It was really self serving karma by giving to Bethany and Rufus. They returned the favor already with a great night of music like you've never heard before. 

So it all feels right. Positively Porco doesn't need to have a successful ''crowd source'' résumé. It just takes one. Person. Group. 

(more later…enjoy the pix)

Rufus Cappadocia

Peter Yarrow

Bethany Yarrow, Peter Yarrow

Pete and Bob

The answer my friends, is sitting on the stairs, the answer is sitting on the stairs

My building doesn't supply weapons in the hallway,
but Yarrow's neighbors are way cool with it