Sunday, January 31, 2016

HOOT- As You Like It

As expected and promised, we had a day full of music and community.
I took a beautiful ride up to Olivebridge, NY with my daughter... Lots of laughs and, dare I say, some spoken word poetry and song writing ideas shared on the way home. What a day!

Angelina in the house

Ana Egge
NYC via North Dakota

Highly educational,
partially warped,
Supremely talented
Jeffrey Lewis

The Mike+Ruthy Band

Flight to LAX.
Breakfast somewhere near the Pacific waters.
Lunch with Mr. Tambourine Man.
Redemption songs. These songs of freedom.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

AMERICAN RIDE with Willie Nile

Yesterday, I supported Willie Nile and his great band at Phil Ciganer's 
Towne Crier
Today- heading to Olivebridge, NY for Mike+Ruthy's HOOT.
check back for more pictures…..

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Yesterday, Joan Baez is celebrated at the Beacon Theater.
Today, I learn that my film is moving forward BIG TIME.
Rob Stoner also tells me that Luther Rix will join the Subterranean Salute.
Tomorrow I see Willie Nile in concert in Beacon.
Saturday, I'll take Angelina to the HOOT and see Mike+Ruthy et al.
Sunday, I fly to LA.
Monday, I'll pay respects to Bruce Langhorne, face to face.
Tuesday, jump rope. Drive. Unplanned. See Bruce again.

More to follow…...