Thursday, June 3, 2010

F* the new York times

Not something they'd cover, they say.....

I'll make it more clear for them.

I'll say it in a way any fifth grader can grasp:
The names scheduled to appear are not coming to just "hang out"....these are the FCKN living, breathing GIANTS of the Greenwich Village Folk Scene. They are going to perform on stage one by fkg one all night...or at least until you figure out that you've missed something...and then they will play some more.

If anyone has an" in" with that dishtowel, tell them this is their last chance. The world can't fit in that shoebox but the world should know about Porcofest. They may have to close the thruway again


  1. The Times will cover it if you throw them some CASH! Good luck trying to outbid all the corporate music events.

  2. Ignorance is a bliss... they won't be ignorant for long. Then they will realize what they missed!

  3. So why would you still want to connect with them after they've rejected the gig?