Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I'm sure it's true of any city.
There's always something to do.
But in New York, there just appears to be more to do 
than in some other flea bitten towns, like Cincinnati.
Everyone should exercise their choice to do whatever they want to do.
This is what we did this weekend:
First, it was a grand time at the old ball game on Saturday.
I treated my Angelina to her first Yankee Game. They won. 
Then Sunday was a Metropolitan Museum outing.
Several Picasos. Several.
Then Monday was the finale of Seegerfest spent in back of
Summerstage with the washed and the unwashed. 
(I was unwashed)
And the sweaty. And free beer.
And Steve Earle and Harry Belefonte.
Remember to reduce and reuse.
And today, we bought some music to the noisiest street in the entire world.
It was stellar because it was fun.
Part of what we shot today will make it into the Folkumentary on
What does Mermaid Avenue have to do with Gerde's? 
Many thanks to Vince Martin, Dominic Chianese and Dom's buddies who made today's experience

What's baseball gotta do with Folk? What's it to ya?
One of thousands of hits

What a doll

The Earle of West Village

Not Derek Jeter


Singing and smiling


This street is your street, this street is my street

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