Monday, August 11, 2014

SNEAK PEEK of GERDE'S documentary August 22nd

The crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo will be over in a couple of days. If you want a $100 t-shirt, that's what I will give you. 

However, if YOU or SOMEONE you know wants to put their foot in the door and help me take Positively Porco to the finish line in style, NOW is the time!

Yes, I'm making it easy for someone to get an Executive Producer credit. All they have to do is join the club (and foot the bill). The door is open.  

My quest at the moment is to bring in professionals to make Positively Porco a world class film. I've been doing it all myself: The filming, the transcribing, the editing, the thinking…not that I want a pat on the back, I want a team!

With the right people, the sky is the limit. Wide theatrical release and world-wide unit distribution is the goal. Anything less will SUCK! Why bother? Do not connect me with producers who do not produce or people who are 'yeller about their mustard.' The meek shall inherit shit.

It's not your ordinary documentary. Yes, it will educate the world in the ways of the Porco clan, and yes it will educate Folk enthusiasts all about Gerde's, but the inspiring message will make you cheer. Musicians have a place in this world. Always have. Always will. The 'less' famous are all part of the whole. Someone watching this will one day change the world with a song.

Positively Porco is about Family with a capital 'F.' There's no secret handshake. No swearing in. No dress code. Dig?


For those of you lucky enough to be within 100 miles of Ashokan, New York, you're invited to see a DIRECTOR'S CUT of Positively Porco on Friday, August 22nd at THE SUMMER HOOT.

I'll be there showing a clip entitled ''THE FIFTH PEG: Izzy Young brings music to Gerde's Restaurant.''

I'm the 11:15 act. The entire lineup is right here.
I'm honored to say that a couple of Mike Porco's friends will be performing that weekend. David Bromberg and John Cohen will be featured along with my friends and hosts Mike+Ruthy, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Robert Sarazin Blake, DB Leonard, Elizabeth Mitchell, Amy Helm and many others.

'The Hoot' series shows no signs of ever taking a hiatus. Here's another ground floor opportunity for you to experience a festival in its early years. Don't think twice!

Buy tickets. Stay the weekend. Folk yourself silly. It's beyond music.

AND you will get to witness a Positively Porco clip in a form NEVER to be seen again! Parts of it will have to be cut to make room for the rest of the greatest #Folkumentary you may ever see. 

Here are some images from the 'chunky-style' video about the origins of FOLK CITY

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