Monday, January 5, 2015

POSITIVELY PORCO PROMO- Gerde's Folk City Folkumentary

Blogging. I guess some people who dont blog think that bloggers have lots of time to blog their thoughts and blog to their followers. Please note, I don't have many followers on this blog because I'm not a crafty blogger with thousands of followers. I can't "suggest" via Twitter or my own site opinions that get re-tweeted or re-thunk, like some others.

I still believe in the use of this site because I can add to it when I want...and I can add to it remotely. I'm sitting in the smallest room in my house uploading a video in the other room.

....and here it is…..

This video has all I need to say in it. Please have a look. Bring your lunch.

My opinion on my own film Positively Porco, is that it is going to be seen as a real FEEL GOOD movie. I will feel good when I get a production house to make it all work for and with me. I've got the goods. And it's good to give it back to the people eager to see it.

It's the tale of an immigrant making sauce and mixing drinks in a restaurant on 4th Street while, in the same room, American music history was being made.

This is the final push for crowdfunding. Unlike blogging, crowdfunding works. Of course, I'd prefer instead of a dozen "producers" making it possible for me to hire the right people, that only one or a couple of people step forward and say, "Bob, we got a fucking winner here."

Feel free to back this movie. A little or a lot. It will go a long way. And if you are not seeking a bumper sticker or a t-shirt, please share it with those who may be interested. Many thanks!!!!

Here is the portal for funding

"Positively Porco"
Folkumentary on
Gerde's Folk City and
Mike Porco
Under construction

What Mike Porco did for work:




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