Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GEORGE HARRISON- Gerde's barfly?

It's been a decade since my personal favorite Beatle has left us. The anniversary of his passing reminded me of a story my father, Bob Sr., passed on to me.

Long ago, long before there was a Nelson or Lucky Wilbury, there were two buddies named George and Bob. They had met in the early Sixties and had remained friends as their respective careers took shape in their own due course.

Well, one day, in the early 1970s, Bob Sr. popped in to Folk City to say hi to his father, Mike Porco. Bob said, "How's business, Dad?" Mike said, "Not-a so good, Robert. It's-a been a little slow."

Bob Sr. looked at the bar and only two guys were there having an afternoon beer. Business may have been slow at times at Gerde's but it was never dull. The two daytime drinkers?...George and Bob

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