Monday, January 20, 2014

POSITIVELY PORCO: The Definitive Documentary Film on Gerde's Folk City- OFFICIAL TRAILER release

POSITIVELY PORCO is the definitive documentary film made about New York City's first Folk Music cabaret, GERDE'S FOLK CITY.

Filmed to enlighten even the most staunch Folk Revival enthusiast and historian, POSITIVELY PORCO is the story of Mike Porco and the club a thousand musicians called HOME.

MIKE PORCO, was instrumental in, literally, setting the stage for the music revolution of the '60's. 

During Mike Porco’s stewardship (1960-1980) the club hosted early performances by a constellation of Folk and traditional music stars. Many American radio standards and Civil rights anthems were ofttimes heard by the public at Gerde's Folk City for the first time.

A list Folk City's distinctive fraternity of aspiring young artists and legendary recording stars borders on myth. 

They were all teenagers and 20-somethings when they got there, and decades later, they're still doing 'what they do'... that is-


But not just any kind of music.


Mike Porco's legendary claim to fame was that he co-signed 19 year old Bob Dylan's first cabaret card as his legal guardian. In her memoir, A Freewheelin' Time, former Bob Dylan girlfriend Suze Rotolo said that Gerde's was where "the cross-fertilization of different styles and musical eras forged important links in the chain of American musical history." For certain, such a collection of personalities crossing paths under one roof shall never happen again.

Bob Porco, Mike's grandson, undertakes an ardent personal odyssey, seeking out and sitting down with those living treasures that launched a global music paradigm shift from a street corner in Greenwich Village. 

It's an inspiring tale of an Italian immigrant- and the musicians around him- who answered their calling to be a part of the 1960’s Folk and Blues Revival together.  

The stars themselves tell the astounding history of Gerde's and Positively Mike Porco.


Watch it twice. Be astounded twice! 

Rated E for Every human being on Earth.

If you loved Inside Llewyn Davis, you'll love POSITIVELY PORCO.
If you didn't love Inside Llewyn Davis, you'll REALLY love POSITIVELY PORCO.

(File under: NON FICTION)

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  1. Hi Bob, we already wrote about your grandfather Mike Porco on our website. Now we’ve written about the documentary, let us know when it will be out. Regards and good luck for this project, the staff of Calabrians Most Famous.