Saturday, May 10, 2014


I hung out with Stoner
on the 9th day of May
I knew right away
he was not

Many great tales and stories were offered by Mr. Rothstein. I shared a few of my own with him since he was very curious about his old friend, Mike Porco.

Apart from details from the early 70s at Gerde's and some fun anecdotes about being the bandleader (that's right, bandleader) of the Rolling Thunder Revue, the most intriguing tidbit to me was that Rob quite possibly created the word 'stoner.' It wasn't part of the lexicon yet when he changed his stage name to sound more like a rocker. The irony is that his birthday is 4.20 before 420 became a de-facto holiday and street code for a certain botanical herb….coincidence? yeah right!

Rob has chops. He gave me a brief lesson. Lots of fun was had talking about good ol' Folk City. Clips will be seen in the upcoming documentary about my grandfather's place called POSITIVELY PORCO. It's shaping up nicely. It's due out next year. BE SURE TO GO SEE IT!!! Like Rob and I, you might learn something.

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