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At this juncture, it seems that Folk and Blues music is having another one of those revival thingies. The same musicians who led the last one are leading this one too. People should see a bandwagon when they see one. Will they ever learn? 

The seasons change and there's yet another huge music festival or event or museum feature or documentary or Folkumentary about the 'Village scene in those days.' Yup. 

I'm part of the problem, not the solution. I'm making a film and I didn't have to quit film school to do it. Why didn't I figure this out years ago?

The film I'm doing is about Mike Porco and Gerde's. Mike was The Dean of Folk City. Gerde's was New York's Center of Folk Music. Fact.

Perhaps Gerde's is best described as the 'Living Room of the 1960's.'
or the 'Home of Dreamers.'
And Mike was perhaps the father to a star constellation. Your call.

Thanks for being me. Cuz my story is told in first person in the non-fiction sorta way. What I've got will knock your socks up and down, kid. Because of Mike's past good graces, it's a hit parade. To save you trouble, I'll pat myself on the back FOR you.

My role, as Izzy Young said, is to press 'record.' I've taken his advice. But I've jumped in with both feet. Oops.


It's been one summer since Pete and Toshi Seeger left us for pastures of plenty. Many of Mike Porco's friends will be passing through NYC this weekend for concerts and in true Folk form, all the shows are free. They're part of Seegerfest. A tribute. Folk music has an enormous walk-up crowd. It could be millions. Probably not, but it will be well attended.

Next year's event

Even without the physical presence of past organizers, the Seegers, the oral language and propagation of acoustic Folk music around the world has never slowed. It's probably larger than Pete Seeger himself could have imagined. Everyone, especially the musicians, become an equal part of it. Music needs listeners. Entertainers need a reason.

And my film needs more film! So I'm building a Field of Dreams and hoping that ''they'' will come.

I'm staging a shoot. The shoot will be on Mermaid Avenue. And it might just be me playing guitar at 2810. I hope not. Cuz my singing is off. I don't play banjo or twelve-string. But I'm going anyway. And I won't be alone. And I'll get to see Coney Island for the first time. And I'll get to have a wild subway ride back to Manhattan. And I'll get  to tell lies and stories about my day. What fun! I've invited several musicians. Need sunshine and not a box of rain.

Vince Martin and I scoped the scene Two thumbs up

And by the way, I've started a crowd fund site. Not my idea. But I've still got sh*t to unload. T-shirts, hats and my guitar. Some lucky duck already bought that guitar. (What a bargain!)

I don't even have a good forgery to offer someone else. But I have autographed photos of Israel Young. And 300,000 executive q-tips. And a cameo of your own for sale. Don't delay! Act now!


The Mermaid Avenue shoot will cost a total of two dollar and fifty cent. I don't need to hire Scorsese to make this film …unless he wants in. Like a Soho walk up, ground floor is the best real estate.


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