Saturday, October 25, 2014

MIKE PORCO's Legacy Lives

The Mike Porco Centennial Concert came and went. Last night, the Towne Crier in Beacon, NY hosted a celebration of the music and community cultivated at Gerde's Folk City and Greenwich Village during its Golden Era. Eleven of Mike's past hired hands performed once again in his honor. It truly is my honor, as his grandson, to be able to call them my friends, as well. Thanks to today's version of Mike Porco- Phil Ciganer- for keeping his club alive and thriving with the same spirit once felt in the Village. And THANKS to the musicians for sharing their time and unmatched skill with us.
~Bob Porco

PS- Several minutes of Positively Porco was well received but only because it's awesome.

Mark Cohen

Lydia Adams Davis

Vincent T. Vok

Roland Mousaa

Bob Porco

David Amram

Roland Mousaa, David Amram

David Amram, Tom Chapin

Tom Chapin

Tom Chapin

Yours truly, Willie Nininger

Willie Nininger

Randy Burns

Bev Grant

Rob Stoner

Rob Stoner

David Amram, Rob Stoner

David Massengill

David Massengill

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  1. awesome night !!!! was glad to have been there and sorry we had to leave before it was over - but, you know - straight job and such ! Bud