Thursday, December 31, 2015


What a YEAR!
I couldn't have guessed what treats were ahead of me….other than knowing that the Museum of the City of New York was opening their FOLK CITY exhibit. I never thought I'd meet so many of Mike Porco's friends at once.
I also knew that I'd be supporting concerts of many of the Folk and Blues stars that typically come around NYC and the Hudson Valley, camera in hand.
I also knew I'd be going to Mike+Ruthy's HOOT events, camera in hand.
I also knew I'd be doing at least one interview for the film which nears the magical green light.
I didn't know that Mike Porco and Gerde's would be getting inducted into the New York Blues Hall of Fame. Michael Packer bestowed that honor upon us and I was fortunate to meet, Garth Hudson, Garland Jeffreys and David Johansson amongst others. 
So many great concerts were held, and I was happy to attend. I'm lucky that getting 'backstage' sometimes is easier than it sounds, especially when Mike Porco was your grandfather. 

What does 2016 hold for us? I'll be sure to snap some photos, capture some more footage and share them here and elsewhere. I encourage all to do as I do- that is- buy a ticket to support working artists. 

I'll even be hosting a concert honoring Bob Dylan this May 24th at the Village Underground in NYC. I'm continuing to 'do my part' in documenting the history and significance of Greenwich Village's first Folk Music cabaret by recording moments in time that are still taking place in the FOLK WORLD. It's a continuum, you see..

I met Noel Stookey

And Betsy Siggins-Schmidt

And Gabriel Butterfield

I began the year by kicking this guy's butthole in FLA

Accepting for Mike Porco
NY Blues Hall of Fame

Paul Geremia, Andrea Voucolo, Michael Packer

David Massengill

Rod MacDonald

Garland Jeffries

Garth Hudson

The Downhill Strugglers

Delores Dixon, Bob Cohen

David Amram

Erik Frandsen and Amram playing down the street
from one another the night before my
flight to see Dad

Steve Forbert

Bruce Langhorne always in my prayers

Mike Porco's vinyl, signed by Lucinda Williams 1979

Kenny Kosac, Happy Traum

Tom Paxton

Larry Campbell, Theresa Williams

'Dylan Goes Electric'
Elijah Wald, Terri Thal, David Hajdu

Nora Guthrie

Bob Sr. and me

Johnny Irion, Sarah Lee Guthrie and Ramblin' Jack

The Yarrow family

Dining with Izzy
Watch Izzy Young in action 2015:

I met Garth Hudson

Lucinda Williams backstage at the Bardavon

I also met Garland Jeffreys

Erik Frandsen, and femme fatal
Erik Frandsen lets it hang out 5.31.15

Rest in peace
Bill Keith 
Ramblin' in the dark

AKA Pete Yarrow

The Wizzard of IZ

David Amram a couple or weeks ago kicking ass, taking names


Look for more good news on POSITIVELY PORCO and the May concert for BOB

©2015 Bob Porco

Kweskin Jug Band in tact

Eric Weissberg

Paloma Hererra's final bow

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