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May 16, 2017

I’m gonna hook you up.

I’m able to scan and post HERE high resolution pictures that come and go in and out of storage via my desk top.

Below, I will be posting bits of the past few months as they pertain to the continuing story of Mike Porco and his good name. 

Personal photos with a diary entry describing.

The more Mike Porco's name is brought into the modern day by his well-known friends, the closer we get to seeing Gerde’s Folk City receiving proper and like kind accolades from new generations of music fans around the world. Mike Porco can claim that we was ‘big in Japan.’ Not many bar owners in New York can say that his their name was printed in magazines around the world always referenced as Bob Dylan’s legal guardian.

Oops! Did I say that online? Have we actually seen Mike Porco referred to that way? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

Only the accurate tales spoken about Bobby Dylan include my grandfather as being his sponsor having legal guardianship of young Mr. Zimmerman until he was 21.

Many-a bird with downy wings
Has Mike nursed over the years.

So here now are some recently found or afforded to us publicly on the networks, pictures that tell ya more. Some captions, some description.

The film on Gerde's is taking longer than expected to fully incubate. Be patient.


Tony Pastor's, 130 W. 3rd St. NYC
Folk City 1969-1986

Penn Station

Madison Square Garden

Recently released photo proving that
Joan Baez can, yes indeed, Rock and Roll
Here's a good one with my other
Grandfather with Bob Sr. on the right. Yes, I'm
half Puerto Rican. iClaro!
I couldn't find a sizable shot of the
Folk City 25th Anniversary program. This may be the best online version.
The whole program hangs on my wall at home.  
Bob Porco, Izzy Young
April 2013
 (courtesy Jack Hirschorn)

Bob Porco, Vince Martin, Dominic Chianese
June 7, 2013

Carolyn Hester, John Winn (courtesy John Winn)

Tony Pastor's on 130 W.3rd St. Later, the bar at Folk City

(courtesy David Peller)

Jean Richie at Gerde's
11 W. 4th St, 

Almost worked with @l K00p3r Last year

Bob Sr. and Bob Jr. 2010

David Amram 2010

Sylvia Tyson, Jack Hardy 2010

Where we sit and wait as of this blog post

Bruce Langhorne

Jack Frost

I value my goodies

Joan Baez

outside Bowie's on Lafayette a week after... 

Sarah Lee Guthrie at the Winter Hoot

Sonic Youth at Folk City
130 W.3rd St

David Amram
Cornelia Street Stadium
May 2017

Proteges of I. G. Young

Barry Kornfeld on 12-string

She worked at Gerde's

Good luck making a better 'last' album. His difficulty breathing was recorded.
But David Bowie gave everything he had left to make
BLACKSTAR. Listen. Ultimate confidence
and swagger was also recorded.

Cindy Cashdollar, Amy Helm at Rockwood, NYC

Tony Garnier at The Town Crier, Beacon, NY

Eric Andersen, Joni Mitchell
(courtesy Eric Andersen)

Seeds were planted to make this backyard
home to a future itty-bitty house concert and Porcofest

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