Tuesday, July 30, 2019


I had a good old fashioned belly laugh today. Then another. And one more. 

Everything old is new again. 

If my grandfather were around to see this, he’d be clipping out ads from the Levi Strauss catalogs and magazines. He was proud of any mention. I am too. It’s just so......

GOD this is funny! Levi’s is taking the likeness of Folk City alum and creating a clothing line inspired by Greenwich Village fashion trends of yesteryear. Smart move. Add your own ketchup stains and elbow grease. No Village jacket would be worth a penny unless one can sleep on a roach infested floor with it.

It’s a pillow!
It’s a bed!
It’s an umbrella!
It’s a blanket! 
It’s a shopping bag with pockets for shoplifting!
It’s so West 4th Street!

I’m still laughing at its brilliance. I don’t think Mike Porco would be offended that they have taken Gerde’s name in vain. Robbie, who owns the name, may already be aware of this fabulousness. Does Charlie Rothschild know about this?

Charlie is the one credited with coining the phrase that pays, Folk City. 

In 1960, it was the punctuation of Gerde’s Folk City. Before then it was Mike and Izzy Young’s brainchild, The Fifth Peg at Gerde’s at 11 W4th. And before that it was just Gerde’s. And before THAT it was at 11 West 3rd, not West 4th. 

Folk City is Charlie Rothschild’s phrase. God bless him. 

The clothes line seems built for spring/Fall. It looks a little Dylanesque, no? Bobby should know. Can we start a CBGB line of bandanas now? Perhaps a 1990 line of just flannel shirts. All clothing should be absorptive for cleaning up vomit or beer spills. Or vomit.

The Village is on corporate minds. It’s in the “news” today thanks to Levi’s. 

It’s proof positive. The name has value. It matters. This makes people curious. 

Rod MacDonald, Bob Gibson, Tom Intondi

Ramblin Jack (Marcia Stehr) 

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