Saturday, April 17, 2010

Split down the middle

The radio spot with Bob Fass went as well as could be. Many thanks to David Massengill for putting on such a nice late night/early morning performance. Go to the archive page if you wish to hear.

Radio unnamable friday april 16th
we show up about the 1hour 35 minute mark

Some confirmed performer's names were exposed on air for the first time publically.

Allow me to tease you a bit with some names....

Willie Nile
Mark Johnson
Vince Martin
Bev Grant
Peter Stampfel
Randy Burns
Rod MacDonald
David Massengill
Jonathan Kalb
Jack Hardy
Bob Horan
Biff Rose
Lili Añel
Dominic Chianese
Roger Sprung................

So there you go.....

Just a sampling of the unique and diverse lineup we're planning for June 7th

Mountain Folk
Folk Rock
Eclectic undefinable stuff
Even a taste of Latin and Old World

As I said, we're over 2 dozen acts for the one-time event. As of this moment, the number of acts coming over for to be part of the show is closer to 30 than 25. It's sort of split right down the middle as far as Old and New Guard. Pretty cool, Huh?

Am I splitting hairs saying it like that....? Not if the next act splits the headline!!! Too much free music for you to handle for one night??

Let's figure out how to take it all in together, shall we...?

Don't see your name??? RSVP TODAY!!!!!

And those who have already, DOUBLE SECRET CONFIRM WITH ME AGAIN

Those of you who came to this blog thru facebook.....please spread the word in your own way. Let's make sure the place is filled for the Über-HOOT!!!!

Thanks. Bob

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