Thursday, April 8, 2010



It's a monster.

Word is traveling far and wide...thanks to technology. Emails on the run...bloggin' and facebookin'...excited performers passing word on around the country...sure looks like I'm doing a lot but really it's the musicians and patrons who loved their time at Folk City who have injected LIFE into this gathering...or perhaps it's the musicians and patrons who loved Mike and John. Jury's out.

Anyway, let me humbly say THANKS

And just a bit more info for now:

The Village Underground (Downstairs of the old Gerdes at 130 W3rd) has a complete stage set up. House keyboards, bass and guitar amps, mic's, bongos...the whole enchilada.

Upstairs (ground level) will likely be for schmoozing, jamming and acoustics.

Show time likely 7ish..8ish til whenever-ish.

Confirming acts all this month...Eclectic, historic, diverse, one-of-a-kind line up to be splashed on this blog soon (I promise!)

Check Back...keep passing it on!!

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