Monday, March 29, 2010

Fourteen, sixteen.....TWENTY!!!!!

That's right....Twenty (20) musical acts eager to play and celebrate Mike Porco's 50th Anniversary of opening New York's Center of Folk Music.

I'm starting to confirm performers two-by-two....Replies are shifting from definite "maybe's" to "HELL YES!!" Imagine if I knew what I was doing....

Get yourself out of the "maybe" list...RSVP to before you think twice. Each additional act will only lead to the next.

There's one less "maybe" every couple of days. Confirm your spot on this FIRST TIME, ONE TIME and perhaps ONLY TIME line up including.....

...I promise to let the cat out of the bag sometime in April to let you all know who's planning on making the trip/coming out of retirement/walking over/driving in/heading down to The Fat Black Pussycat to cavort and HAVA THE TASTE once again.

If you're already in NYC, you have no excuse NOT to board the subway with a dusted off favorite ready to play a memorial Hoot for Grandpa Mike Porco.

I suggest an afternoon nap...this could go on for a while...

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  1. hey bob how do i sign in to this thing? i dont know how to blog! thanks, barbara b-p