Thursday, March 4, 2010

General Info

What: Folk City at Fifty! The 50th anniversary of the first honest-to-god folk club in the Village. (Dave Van Ronk said that!)

Where: 130 w3rd NYC- Gerdes Folk City's final stop in the Village.
Noam Dworman, proprietor of the Village Underground and Fat Black Pussycat has graciously offered the Pussycat for this once in a lifetime historic extravaganza. Thanks Noam!

When: Monday June 7th 2010 (subject to change) There are worse things to do on a Monday

Rumored guests...Havens, Weissberg, Vega, Traum, Baez, Hardy, The Roches, Kaplansky, Vok, Kalb, Atwood, Feliciano, Rotolo, Sky, Hester, Yarrow, Nile, Massengill, MacDonald, Kornfeld, Simon, Frandsen, Forbert, Collins, Christian, Harris, McGuinn, Bromberg, Elliott, Guthrie, Seeger, Mas and on and on and on

Longest running rumored appearance: Bobby Dylan (né Zimmerman)

Actual guests: You know who you are...
List under construction. To be announced in April. Check back for updates!
Gimmie a break! I just started this blog yesterday...

Former patrons and performers RSVP today!

Folk, Folk/rock, bluegrass, blues and acoustic music lovers RSVP now!

To RSVP, send your intent to:

Come one. Come all!
Bring yourself on down to Folk City at Fifty.

TOUCH the very bar that Mike and John Porco tended with great care!

WALK THROUGH the front door so many great performers and would be stars strode through on their way to into history!

COME AND HEAR some of the greatest singer songwriters perform at Gerdes once again!



What is/was Folk City?
"The Mecca"~ Richie Havens
"Our Headquarters"~ Carolyn Hester
"Like no place else in the Village"~ Suze Rotolo
"The perfect school"~ Steve Forbert
"A mythical place"~ Jack Hardy
"A cauldron of creativity"~ Terre Roche
"A home for dreamers"~ David Massengill
"The preeminent Folk club in America"~ Bobby Dylan
"Gerdes was the starting point of it all"~ Maria Muldaur
"(Folk City) has a certain kind of goodness that transcends everything"~ Ramblin' Jack Elliott
"Folk City was where original singers came to sing"~ Suzanne Vega
"Gerdes meant more to me than any club I ever played in all my lifetime"~ John Lee Hooker
"Folk City was the only place that was really open and encouraging"~ Emmylou Harris
"Folk City was THE folk club"~ John Hammond Jr
"(The place) to get exposure in front of audiences and learn how to work out your songs"~ Roger McGuinn
"The place I would really call home. It WAS my home"~ Judy Collins
"Gerdes was the heart of it all. The ultimate in hip. It was the real thing"~ Joan Baez
"Because of Folk City I developed the act I have now. Gerdes meant independence for me"~ Jose Feliciano
"Folk City was IT"~ John Hammond Sr
"It was THE place to go"~ Lenny Levine
"Folk City meant there was life beyond Macdougal St"~ John Cohen
"It freshened up American life for the better"~ Danny Kalb
"The best parent a person could have"~ Carolyne Mas
"The 60s happened here"~ Maggie Roche
"I got to see John Lee Hooker and Dylan for a dollar"~ Annonymous

Who can I expect to see there?
See above

Can I bring my dulcimer and auto harp?
By all means

And my guitar??!!
Yes you may

Will there be a piano there?
I certainly hope so

What should I wear?
Comfortable shoes

What is there to eat and/or drink?
Food and refreshments will be served

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