Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So far. So good. So what?

Initial interest from one MASS email has been encouraging!

Over a dozen acts and counting...

In a matter of days, I will be contacting all in my little black book to confirm commitments and secure some more.

To avoid gentle arm twisting, RSVP today to
(Or just call Bob)

Don't wait for me to expose the list before you decide...many of you know who's likely to be there. See for yourself. Come play on the same stage with fellow greats one more time....and "bringa you following"

The "Old Guard" is represented. (79 year old banjo players are cool!)
The "New Guard" is represented. (including but not exclusive to The One Man Clash)
Robert Johnson is represented.
Rev. Gary Davis is represented.
Dave Van Ronk is represented.
Mike Porco is represented.
Represent your damn self!

People who have never met or played together will be there together for the first time.
Yes. It really will be that special...

Gerdes musicians: Add your name to the list!!!

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