Thursday, April 7, 2011


Bobby Zimmerman takes Mike Porco with him to get a cabaret card for his first NYC gig. With his folks still in Minnesota, he asks Mike to sign as his legal guardian so he can open for John Lee Hooker at Gerdes Folk City. 

The unbelievable booking line in '61.....
The Weavers
Victoria Spivey
Dave Van Ronk
Judy Collins
John Lee Hooker
Hooker and Robert Dylan
McKenzie and Phillips

Then in May...
Peter Yarrow by himself
Danny Kalb
Marshall Brickman
Josh White Jr
Yarrow, Stookey and Travers
Carrie Smith
In sept...
Lonnie Johnson
Tom Pasle
Joan Baez graced the stage
Peter Stampfel
Gil Turner
Jean Redpath
Len Chandler
The year ended with Jean Ritchie.

All at one club in one year...I mean, are you serious?
Mike saw every show.

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