Sunday, May 12, 2013


In the quest to give an accurate description of my grandfather Mike Porco, I went to capture some conversation with my father Bob and my Uncle Angelo. They live in Lauderhill, Florida together in Grampa's old condo. Many of the musicians who played Folk City knew either one or the other son at some point. I was impressed with Uncle Angelo's memory of the scene on West 4th. He had an NC-17 tale to tell hanging out with John Lee Hooker and two chicks!! Who knew?! My father remembered more from the West 3rd location. Both had interesting tales of the Mike Porco before Gerde's became Folk City. There were some sad moments that were bound to come out (Mike spent more time with Dylan and Feliciano than his family) but overall, heartwarming and comical shit.

To the land of white belts and snow birds

Please, don't get up on my account, Dad. I'll get my own fucking beer

Don't be shy

Bob Sr. and Uncle Angelo

Jonathan Levin, working it

Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis?

Porcos, 3 different ones
What does the "Swap Shop" have to do with it?...wait for the movie

Back to NYC

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