Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Izzy Young will one day make it big in this town. In fact, tomorrow is that day. Grab hold of your socks and britches for they may be blown away by the performance he'll give tomorrow at the benefit for the Museum of the City of New York. It's a lame museum. Most lame. Air, itself, has never been so still. But they have struck a vein of gold by tapping into the fertile soil of the living, breathing Folk Music scene that is still thriving. Kudos!

And they had enough sense to title their exhibit FOLK CITY which is cool with me. They can "be" Folk City all they want. Everyone knows better. They know what Folk City is and was. They don't know PORCO. The museum is fanning the flames for what's to come in 2014, which, as I said, is good for me.

But it's not about what's good for 'me.' What this exhibit will do is good for the City and good for the Folk Music world in general. The exhibit is next year, but the benefit is tomorrow.

Now I'm not supposed to say what's about to take place with Izzy's 4 minutes of all I'll say is Izzy is ALWAYS IN BACK OR IN THE CENTER.

On Irving Place
The reason he's here

Off to Christies 20 Rock

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