Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 Thanks to the fancy legwork of our friend David Peller, The Wizard of Iz landed safely on a couch somewhere in SOHO. An elevator detour found 4 of us standing in a car made for 3 with Ratso Sloman. Izzy makes a good house guest, I have discovered. Give him cheesecake for breakfast and chocolate for lunch. Truly, he's been eating well and reporting back to his adoring daughter.

He's here for the BIG exhibit fundraiser going on in a couple of days at the Museum of the City of New York. More on that absolutely, sure fire, can't miss happenin' good frolic later...

I'm honored to be his first host on this trip. He's here for 6 more days! What kind of trouble can we get ourselves mixed up into, I wonder....? Well, given our esteemed position (Dave and I), we've helped Izzy to be more at ease with his 4 minutes of FAME that he's been flown here to deliver. Nudge nudge here. Copy and paste there. Izzy had the right idea, large print makes it better.

Izzy will likely help close the show with his poignant prose and witty delivery. If you can get tickets to go, you should. And that's all I'm saying.

To answer your question, 'yes' those cookies are laced with hashish

A.L. should drop dead

Wrinkles are so 'now'

You left your whitefish in the ice box!

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