Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Rod MacDonald watches POSITIVELY PORCO
YES, friends, My grandfather's world renown Folk Music stadium - Gerde's Folk City - opened for business under the name Folk City for the first time exactly 54 years ago. For just 5 months prior to that, it was called THE FIFTH PEG. It was the brain child of three complete strangers: Mike Porco, Tom Prendergast and Israel Goodman Young. Actually, Mike had nothing to do with making his restaurant into a Folk cabaret, but we're glad he kept it open when Izzy handed the idea to Mike Porco in late May 1960.
It's just one topic in the upcoming documentary being made about Gerde's Folk City and its illustrious owner, Mike Porco. 
The documentary is called POSITIVELY PORCO.
It's nearing completion. If you have any interest in the music spawned in the restaurant, you will want to see it. Basically, the American singer/songwriter genre has its roots planted at Gerde's. 
All music lovers should know. Your mother should know. And somewhere in Cincinnati, there's a kid waiting for the school bus, listening to ''his parents music'' on his headphones, and he hears the 60s in his head. HE SHOULD KNOW.
Reach him with some press for me, please. I'll give you dollars and doughnuts for publicity and HEADLINES talking UP this film.

Here are some pictures from my most recent week of action. I'm busy. Dig?
Executive Producers with large pockets should know. Operators are standing by.


These people saw the first sneak peak of
Positively Porco. You missed it.

An astounding time was had learning and listening with THE NEW WORLD SINGERS.
Yes, Bob Cohen, Delores Dixon and Happy Traum gave 60 people a rare performance from a set once touring the nation 60 years ago. Legendary. I loved it... Realized I have a thing for older black women after meeting Delores. Don't tell her. 



a fixture on Macdougal Street…once a fixture at Folk City

AND don't forget, music lovers, that POSITIVELY PORCO has a trailer. You should share it with the Cincinnati Kid and your parents. More sneak peaks will be offered for the public in coming weeks. One will be at MIKE AND RUTHY'S SUMMER HOOT in August. NYC show announced soon. Press. Publicity. Word of mouth. pass it on.

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