Friday, June 20, 2014

Gerde's Folk's memories

The title makes hardly any sense, but what the hey. It's cyber space. Corrections…bah!

An update on the progress being made for those who those care.

Thanks to gracious folks who know a bandwagon when they see one, POSITIVELY PORCO will sweep all other Gerde's documentaries out of the water and stand in its place. Actually, there are no other Gerde's docs. So at least POSITIVELY PORCO will be first. Not only THAT, but this near finished film will feature many of the living treasures telling the story in first-person. Dig

It's fucking awesome, I must say. I'm partial. But I'm currently distilling the best memories of the finest moments from music history into a 100 minute film.

But if you know someone who wants to make it a mini series, operators are standing by.

Until that eventuality, I've dipped into the 'crowd sourcing' web for a wild fling.

I've already sold my treasured guitar to hire seasoned veterans to help me make the film. It was a steal at 5k. But hey…I needed a new one anyway. Maybe an electric bass instead… drifting.

Take me up on a previous offer and take my 100 bucks for initiating one print media article featuring the GERDE'S FOLK CITY DOCUMENTARY.

And here's a video blog if you're into that sorta thing.

and here's another clip I like.

See ya down the road. Spoke at length with Larry Campbell last Sunday. Heading to Clearwater at Croton Point this weekend. Interviewing Eric Andersen Monday. Going to the Bitter End, Paul Colby tribute Monday night. It's a wild time, someone has to do it.

Mike Porco outside Folk City

Marlon Cherry, Bob Porco

Oscar Isaac and 'Mike Porco, M.D'

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