Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Porcofest. A weekly hoot?

Well, somehow I ended up on a bench outside grand central at 4:45 in the morn. Not the first time but certainly the first with so much shit to carry. At least it's a nice night.....day....

Pale Sun is illuminating building tops.

Gonna be waiting for who knows how long. I'll check the schedule in a half hour. No trains running. That's a given. Last time I was down here with a guitar was during the blackout in '03. Caroline was pregnant with Angelina and I didn't even have a cell phone. I had eight dollars. But for some weird reason, I decided to bring my guitar down that day. I don't play well but well enough to entertain myself. I parlayed a few songs for a corona at tequillaville on Vanderbilt. I then walked back to the upper east and slept at work. But now I'm here with a suitcase and guitars. I should play. It's getting noisy.

How can I sum up tonight? Impossible. The room sounded like one instrument. Seamless performances. Jaw dropping-type shit. Stop-and-make-you-stare type shit. WOW. And a special appearance by Mr. Bromberg. The room was coming apart at the seems at times.....very quietly at times. Unexpectedly at times. But definitely most of the time.

Some images are burned in my mind. No camera caught the after hours living room session after porcofest. No one saw me meet almost all the performers for the first time. I introduced Sylvia Tyson to my wife and sister....I hugged many a man tonight. I kissed dominic chianese's cheeks. I guess I'm on the books here at folk city.

A good goddamed great time was had by all whether they wanted to or not. Those in that room had certainly expressed themselves to the performers. It was magical. Not a cut less.

Thank you all for coming and enjoying yourselves. To think this kind of thing took place every once in a while at folk city is astounding. Just priceless people and good times. Well done, porcofesters


  1. Awesome evening. We all felt honored to be in such rarefied company. The magic was continual and it was great to see the community reunite and celebrate a great era in American music. Well done Bob!

  2. Bob - awesome event! You have done the Porco name proud! Congratulations!
    Love always - worms and all - Chrissy

  3. Hi Bob, Thanks for a Fantastic evening! My photo's are posted on FB and they really capture the true aura of timeless performances at last nights Folk City. 6 hours worth!!!! Let me know how to email a few for now. A gift from me to you. Thanks for considering to play the late Bob Campbell's song "Stand Up and Be Counted" He would have been very proud to have performed last night as he did in 1979. I hope you enjoy his 2010,posthumously released CD "Working Man" For now, if you're on FB, please friend me and then you can see my edit all there Peace, Susan Rutman

  4. Hi Bob - Just tried to message you on FB but it wouldn't go through. I'm glad you and Susan Rutman are in touch because that's one of the things I wanted to suggest. She took some great photos. I also posted some that I took on FB and wanted to let you know. Thanks so much for making this happen and including me. I had a great time and am sorry I left so early (about 2 am) and missed the after party:-) Bev Grant

  5. Things taken for granted so long ago took on a sharper meaning last night. I am haunted by those memories, and wallow in the medicrity of a life very far removed. Glad we had those drinks that night. When you become free again, let me know. I owe you a few. You are in every way Mike Porco's grandson. Thanks, my friend.