Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still in recovery mode...

The mandate was to have a blast...enjoy the opportunity to the fullest...stay til the bitter end of the night...encourage the A-game performances...share it with all...capture the history as it was being made...


The last troupe of musicians and I were politely asked to wrap up the show with a suggestion from the manager of the venue saying, "you've got to stop this...we've got to clean up" which I relayed to Rod MacDonald, "let's play two more"...which he heard me to say, "Let's do one more and a medley." Nick Holmes tried to start a 12 bar blues but to no avail.

I was then happily taken (or is it token) along to the next stop by Rod, Nick, Mark Dann and David Massengill to Mr. Frandsen's abode where a few more tunes were most seriously enjoyed.

Overheard at the Faux Chateaux..."Well, I've had a wonderful time and it looks as though the clock is going on 3:30. I was wondering when you all were going to start considering getting the fuck out of my apartment." Ever the gentleman.

Still time for a pizza slice and/or falafel in the Village.

I must say, I DID finally learn one of life's great lessons that morning: You can't have a hangover if you don't go to sleep

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  1. thanks for everything Bob. loved it all. hope to do it again. john sheeran