Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Slow train comin'

The test begins...

Still, I have to fetch the data. Some musicians have asked...now what?

To that I say: You tell me

....well. Not quite. I have an idea but it's a-ways off. Be patient right along with me. Thank you.

There are only several earthlings ever to read this but I'll let you know that I'm going down to the East Village Thursday to pick up more digital photos. Later that day, I'll get back to midtown to discuss the conversion of the DV tapes to watchable DVDs. Paul Lovelace's staff of Cathryne and Hilary took 7+7+1 hours of video none of which I've seen. Paul directed The Holy Modal Rounders' film Bound to Lose and is working on Radiounamable about Big Bob Fass. I'm sure the footage will be something incredible....even the first hour with motormouth Bob Sr being quite incapable of shutting the fuck up as we took a walk to 4th and Mercer and back. Mother F¥%@er

then I'll get the digital audio to put on ice for a spell.

I've had the pleasure of watching the single shot DVD version taken from the Village Underground soundboard perch. Multitrack sound. New things picked up on with each new viewing. Some people stayed to watch over 6 hours of music. To my recollection, I don't remember any musicians beyond Mark Dann, Frank Christian and Peggy Atwood see over 35 sets...maybe all of them. A few left for dinner and came back. A few left early. A few came late....all as expected....but I noticed Peggy during my welcome and intro at 7:00 and wound up onstage again with her, Frank, Mark, Nick Holmes, Rod MacDonald and an unknown tom-Tom player at 1:30. I missed an awful lot. Sounds like it was a good show.

I know it was because I saw the replay. Some unbelievable moments caught in a live stream. Lots of set up time and getting mic happy to get cut out but from there....one-by-one...songs delivered with such care and honetsy.

I will share copies with musicians only first. I ask others to please n't ask "when" copies are being made. I don't know. I'm not sure if. And that's not to mention that at this writing, I don't even have the data all collected in one place. Like I said, slow train comin'

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