Saturday, April 6, 2013

ISRAEL YOUNG in NYC to shoot documentary on GERDE'S FOLK CITY

Izzy graciously brought journals from Sweden

Let's get on the subway...

....and go to Brooklyn....

...and have dinner with Vince Martin

Man amongst men at Jalopy Theater
The Fabulous Jalopy Theater

Waiting for late night trains sucks


Carnegie Hall

Bloody cold first day of shooting

Back on Macdougal

Holding court with Dave Peller

Cub reporter, David Massengill

Visiting the Gaslight

110 Macdougal Street

Wrapping up daytime shoot
(Photo courtesy Jack Hirschorn)

On the corner of 4th and Mercer,  Jonathan Levin working hard
(Photo courtesy Jack Hirschorn)

Dinner with the Traums, Happy and Jane
(Photo Dave Peller)


  1. Great that Izzy got out to see Jalopy, really the inheritor of his Folklore center invention.

  2. mazeltov bronx boy!::)))you're doing better than ever!---best feeling reunion ever-goose bumps and grins:)-vince martin

  3. May he stay forever Young!

  4. Certainly a great, fun, enlightening experience! One of a kind

  5. Happy Traum was just outstanding @ the last Folk City reunion. Best of the lot!

  6. does Robert Shelton get some credit in all this? He deserves to