Wednesday, June 3, 2015


First names Ramblin' Jack and Sarah Lee.

Heard on stage last night:

"I learned this song in the car. Woody was driving. I was riding shotgun. Cisco was in the backseat."


At some unplanned date in the distant future, I'll be residing in another city. I can't imagine where. Can't imagine why. WHY would I leave NYC? Where else could I meet and see Garth Hudson and Garland Jeffreys and David Johansen and Larry Johnson play one night (see blog post from yesterday) and the next night, spend the evening being entertained by Ramblin' Jack Fucking Elliott and Sarah Lee and Johnny Irion? 

And the kicker: Ramblin' was as sharp as ever and was happy to see me. I'm blessed.

I wouldn't be as blessed in Akron. LeBron would say Akron rocks. Fuck LeBron. Some one else would say LA rocks. Austin? London? Pardon my yaaaaaaawn. Goodnight!! 

(Miami?...maybe Miami)

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