Tuesday, October 25, 2016


This past Sunday was the anniversary of Mike Porco's birth. He would have been 102.
Bob and I are still here on Earth, so I paid him a visit for my own sake.
I spent time at the Guthrie Center much of the weekend and made a 'deposit' which is a story for another day.
Afterwards, while I was taking in the sunshine outside across from the Guthrie Museum, a tour bus rolled by. 
A sign on the door said ''Closed today at 3:30 for private event'' which clearly meant Dylan was popping in. It was confirmed to me by Michael Chaiken of the DYLAN ARCHIVE fame that 'Bob' was coming over. 
So I waited. But…I got hungry and left. Sorry to have missed you, Bobby. 
I'm sure Dylan felt the PORCO energy lingering in the museum when he came through. I sure noticed him later that evening when we were in the same room at the Brady Theater. A lovely time was had by 4,200 eager listeners. 

Here's a sample of the sighting:

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