Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And now for something completely different....

So I started this blog, I may as well blog. Which to me means "spew". 

So I'll spew a bit, but all in context of my journey down the road to Grandpa's Gerdes Great Off-The-Grid Get toGether Gathering. 

As some of you know, (you know who you are) I was inspired by a celestial force of nature to finally do what I've always talked about doing- write a book about Greenwich Village's unsung hero- Mike Porco. 

Admitedly, I didn't get to know my grandfather as well as some of his patrons but he was always a big figure in my life. No "On Golden Pond"-type moments fishing and farting but I do have many memories of his mannerisms and persona. He's like the old elm tree you used to climb in the backyard of your youth.  You miss it the most once it's gone.
The history that took place in his club was never lost on me, I just didn't know the complete cast of characters and the order of events. I've been determined to discover all that and more.... and document it. 

So far, I've heard unbelievably great stories from those I've spoken with. I will hear hundreds more before I'm through, no doubt. I'm having quite a good time connecting with everyone and learning about you all. Everyone has been super kind. Quite a blessing and quite a surreal trip at the same time. 

I've name dropped my way into everyone's lives in progress asking them to bring up their fond memories of the past. No one I've spoken to so far has held back or disappointed. 

But there are others along my path that deserve thanks because they've done things and lent a hand to my project, in some cases, separate from ever meeting me personally. 

>>>My old friend from Ithaca College (where I never took a class and, thusly, never graduated from) Dan "Captain" Kirkhus recreated the putrid West 3rd wall paper you see on this blog. His outstanding web design skills can be found at isotopemedia.com

>>>Dr. Rose Reissman has encouraged me to no end both in my writing and on this 50th anniversary party. She even had me speak about Mike and play guitar for her Brooklyn middle school students in April where I closed the "show" with a sing-a-long of  "Knockin on Heavens door" then signed autographs (hahahahahaha) in PENCIL, no less. (ooohahahahaha!)

>>>Frank Beacham, Brian Rose and Mark Dann- all of whom you'll see at the event offering their professional skill. Wanted to keep it in the Family, you know. 

>>>Mitch Blank. My new best friend...like it or not. Cuz he has the ability to transform me into a fly on the wall at Gerdes circa the 60s

>>>The Kickstarter "backers"-Funding the labor costs of a party with a Bootleg CD copy as their reward. I know we can do it! GET YOUR BOOTLEG HERE

>>>My clients- who keep me employed even though I bore them to tears with the details of this party as they manifest 

>>>And The Flaming Lips....yes The Flaming Lips. My one constant diversion from Folk music these past months. Sometimes doubt creeps in while putting on a Musical Party when you're not in the music or party business. Wayne Coyne's stargazed, matheQuazed lyrics have accompanied me all this past long winter and early Spring reminding me of the fragile yet unyeilding force that is life. The infinite number of possibilities are always there regardless of one's past actions or perception of the future. 

All we have is now
All we've ever had is now

As the dawn began to break
I had to surrender
The universe will have its way
Too powerful to master

I don't know where the sunbeams end
And the starlights begin
It's all a mystery

It only happens if you try
Pain and pleasure both get you high
No one is ever really powerless 

Look outside
I know that you'll recognize it's summertime

Why, why do we fear
To try to fly near
Just beneath the machine

The sun doesn't go down
It's just an illusion
Caused by the world
Spinning 'round

Oh oh oh finding the answer
Oh oh oh oh oh
Finding that there ain't no answer to find
Oh oh oh watching the planets
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh watching the planets align

See the sun
It's trying again
It's trying again
It's trying again

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