Monday, May 10, 2010

Definition of Folk City by Willie Nile

"It was a down home local watering hole gathering place filled with a revolving cast of Village characters, musicians, comedians, visionaries, crazies and everything in between. It was a place where you could get up on stage and experiment and play your music and hang out till all hours of the night with fellow wanderers, all under the watchful and encouraging eye of the street-wise and kind-hearted Mike Porco. It was old word and new world at the same time and a great place to hang one's hat."

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  1. Wow - back to Gerde's ... it was the first US gig for the Young Tradition, back on 4 July 1967. We planted a Union Jack (er, that's the British flag, in case you were unaware) on the stage and claimed our golf course back. This evening should be great.