Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dear Uncle Bobby, It's me, Bobby

Not that we were actually expecting the second coming of Gerdes' own Bobby Dylan on June 7....his tour brings him to Croatia that day. If we still had the Concorde, we might have had a chance... I'm still on his trail hoping to one day go face-to-face with Zimmy. (Call me when you get back to New York City Uncle Bobby...)

In other news, we've surpassed the 30 performer mark!! Looking at 5 hours of music...if you think you can handle it. Too many, you say? That's a hot show, I say. Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Old World, Traditional, Rock, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, Jug Band....

Full line up to be posted soon...another partial list post right here:
Jack Hardy and Dominic Chianese as Co-Emcees
David Massengill
Roger Sprung
Vincent Vok
Bev Grant
Jonathan Kalb
Erik Frandsen
Willie Nininger
Peter Stampfel
Lili AƱel
Bob Horan
Biff Rose
Randy Burns
David Amram
Vince Martin
Steve Ben Isreal
Frank Christian
Sylvia Tyson
Patrick Sky
Willie Nile
Rod MacDonald...

Once again, my warmest THANKS!!

I plan on sending a first-edit bootleg version of the show to those who make a quality recording possible. Donate to our Kickstarter page for your copy:


I like Erik Frandsen's reference to the 50th....PORCOFEST!!

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