Monday, May 24, 2010


Allow me to disclose some missing info....along with the updated line up (in no order)

Jack Hardy
Dominic Chianese
Eric Weissberg
Bev Grant
David Massengill
Rod MacDonald
Willie Nile
Roger Sprung
Dick Reicheg
Vincent Vok
Erik Frandsen
Jonathan Kalb
Willie Nininger
Peter Stampfel
Lili AƱel
Biff Rose
Lydia Adams Davis
Bob Horan
Steve Ben Isreal
Vince Martin
Richard Chanel
Frank Christian
Randy Burns
Mark Dann
David Amram
Roland Mousaa
Dirdy Birdies Jug Band
Sylvia Tyson
Joe Virga
Heather Wood, Ken Schatz and George Stevens``
Peggy Atwood
Judy Gorman
Terre and Suzzy Roche
David Goldman
Nick Holmes
Sally Spring
Happy Traum
Guy Davis
John McEuen
Su Polo

CRAZY right??! far......there are a couple of other known unknown unconfirms coming....won't disclose those names until i know fer sure.......

Also, it probably would be helpful to know what time we're having this shindig. Let's plan on a 7:00 PM EST showtime, shall we....? Feel free to start arriving after 5 or 6 to schmooze and give me a hug. Those who wish to jam acoustically...let's do it in The Fat Black Pussycat until showtime. I'll be there around that time to meet and greet but will have to go down to the Underground venue to make a welcome announcement and get the show on the road. We will be providing a closed circuit feed of what takes place downstairs to screens upstairs(street level).

We have decided that we must charge a nominal entry fee at the door. Tickets will be sold at the door only for $10.

Two weeks from today...

and if you'd like help cover labor costs and get a first-edit BOOTLEG CD, please donate to Kickstarter here

(PS- Still need a volunteer or two to help with tracking artist CD sales and making change. Perhaps only 60-75 minutes of "work"...go on the tab for your offering of your folkcity50@gmail if you'd like to help)

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  1. i am glad there is = an interest of seeing a folk city environment in nyc....its long overdue that its happening!!! i do plan on being at the june 7 gig...
    did anyone ever see the folk city 25th anniversary concert video. well i was there at the concert which was at the 46th street pier in summer daughter rachel who was 3 at the time is featured during peter yarrow's set while he sings "puff the magic dragon"
    see u there